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Joe Biel

Published May 7, 2010 by Molly

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As if it weren’t rad enough that artist Joe Biel names Hieronymus Bosch and Bruegel as influences, he has to go and paint the most amazing primates we’ve ever seen. The elegance and detail of the paintings puts them on par with nature documentaries in terms of realism, but they’ve also got a subtle and alert creepiness that coexists with a strangely tranquil quality. Zoinks! These monkeys make us feel weird in the best way possible.

Renee Adams and Ernst Haeckel

Published November 4, 2009 by Molly

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Renee Adams makes sculptures of creatures that resemble UFOs, wedding cakes, early 19th century industrial machines and koosh balls. “Using both natural and artificial materials,” the artist writes in her statement, “I create imaginary hybrid species that are delicate, alluring, and sometimes awkward or disturbing. I am interested in blurring lines, creating the indefinable, and manipulating the senses; leaving the viewer without a point of reference.”

Mission accomplished. Adams points to the drawings of German biologist Ernst Haeckel as visual inspiration; Haeckel’s fiendishly detailed studies of jellyfish and other creatures have a color sense and adherence to detail that pops up gloriously in Adams’ work. Both influencer and influencee are worth a long look.