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All Tomorrow’s Parties on DVD

Published December 8, 2009 by Graham


Remember summer camp? Remember how fun that was? Now imagine going back to camp as an adult, but instead of making shoddy arts and crafts, you get to watch a few dozen mind-blowing musical performances. That’s what All Tomorrow’s Parties is– a series of festivals often thrown at off-season summer camps in the British countryside, featuring some of the best musical talents in the world.

Just peruse Wikipedia’s list of lineups from the many events bearing the ATP moniker– it’s a veritable who’s who of rad artists in the 2000s, frequently featuring now-beloved bands before they’ve broken. Instead of safely selecting big name musicians though a committee of concert promoters, All Tomorrow’s Parties will invite artists like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Thurston Moore, and Sleater-Kinney to curate their festivals. The result is an air of playful excitement that is impossible to replicate, at a festival with authentic enthusiasm for the artists it’s promoting.

Jonathan Caouette, the filmmaker who breathed new life into the documentary medium with 2003’s Tarnation, is behind All Tomorrow’s Parties, a documentary about the concerts that was just released on DVD. Using his razor-sharp editing skills, Caouette incorporates footage shot by fans, promoters, and the musicians themselves into a patchwork of pure experience that’s as exhilarating as it is intimate. Check out the trailer below:

Update: The awesomely prolific Lance Bangs writes in: young-lance

Just saw your write up, I shot for that film, that’s my young passport photo on the bottom of the cover! I assumed they were just going to use those in some credits section, didn’t know they were going to design such a cool cover out of them….

Isn’t he the spitting image of a young Paul McCartney? We love you, Lance!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Storm Austin

Published October 6, 2009 by Graham


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs headlined the Austin City Limits festival on Friday night, and the New York Times had this to say, in a story entitled “Austin City Limits: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Deliver.”

…the Yeah Yeah Yeahs delivered a stupendous set, even stronger and more focused than the very good show they played in Brooklyn earlier this week. Karen O, the band’s front woman, approaches every stage as a frontier to be conquered, and here she was both impish and imperious. In the guitarist Nick Zinner and the drummer Brian Chase, she has something much more than support: their output, which came in surges, was often enveloping.

Sounds about right. Photos via flickr users danfun and aclfestival.



Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Destroy Radio City

Published September 24, 2009 by Spike

All Is Love

Published August 25, 2009 by Graham


The first single from the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack is out today! The track is called “All Is Love,” by Karen O and The Kids. In addition to the ridiculously rad “all star players” Karen worked with on the soundtrack, the music benefits from the extra kick of a ragtag children’s choir in the vein of The Langley School Music Project.

Download “All Is Love” on iTunes or Amazon.

Christian Joy’s Handy Headdress for Karen O

Published July 16, 2009 by Graham


We posted a couple weeks ago about the incredible headdress Karen O. sported at the Glastonbury Festival, but it’s just too rad of an outfit to not express further appreciation towards, especially in light of the lovely detailed photographs that have popped up online since the performance. Christian Joy, Karen’s long-time clothing collaborator and personal wardrobe stylist (don’t you wish she was yours?), even shared some behind the scenes photos of the outfit being born in the atelier. Those moccasins! Nike, if you’re listening, can we get a limited edition pair of Karen O fringe moccasins for Christmas?


YYY’s on European Tour

Published June 29, 2009 by Spike




We are still finishing post in London. Got to see Karen (our gifted co-composer) today who as you can see from the cover of The Guardian, played Glastonbury last night with a spectacular Christian Joy created headdress. Here are their summer dates. If they are playing near you, I highly recommend catching the show. The new songs sound epic live.

Spike’s Shoebox

Published June 26, 2009 by Dallas

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s 2004 single “Y Control.”

Karen O in Nylon + New Video

Published June 1, 2009 by Graham


Karen O is gracing the cover of Nylon Magazine this month– and she looks staggeringly awesome, naturally. Here are a couple of quotes from the interview:

Karen O, On Her Adolescence: “I used to be fairly shy… but you know, I was a volcano ready to blow. I went through quite a few styles. The Ugly Face – no, believe me, it was ugly. I was breaking out with zits… [and later] I had my hair pulled back and the hoop earrings. I was interested in style, but not necessarily in fashion… If we were playing spin the bottle, all the boys would be pretty bummed to kiss the halfie. But as you grow up, you start to realize what an asset it is to have that part of you. It shapes you.”

Hey Karen, Tell Us About Your Music for Where the Wild Things Are! “We wrote music that would be easy for kids to sing along with. The songs have that innocence and spirit with poppy hooks here and there. Simple, emotional, sweet stuff.”

And here’s the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs video, “Heads Will Roll”:

Tiny Masters of Today

Published May 18, 2009 by Graham


Here’s the deal: Tiny Masters of Today is the type of band you might want to write-off as a novelty act at first glance. That would be a mistake. Yes, they’re barely out of their tweens and they look like a Sonic Youth tribute group (Sonic Youth²), but this brother and sister digital DIY duo deserve to be taken seriously– in a rock duel, they’d blow away the majority of their thirty-something musical contemporaries, with talent and spunk to spare.

Ringing endorsements from the blogosphere, David Bowie and NME led to musical collaborations with Jack White, Kimya Dawson and Where The Whild Things Are songwriter Karen O, who co-directed the awesome zombie-themed video for “Hologram World.” The band is about to unleash their ridiculously fun sophomore album onto America, proving that reports of an entire generation’s cultural demise at the white-gloved hands of Radio Disney have been greatly exaggerated. Contradicting the focus-grouped somnolescent sounds of corporatized kid-pop, Tiny Masters of Today heralds scholarly musical exploration as much as the exuberant, grimy silliness of youth. Check out their new video, “Skeletons.”

Them Jeans

Published May 18, 2009 by Dallas


If there’s one thing DJ’s love it’s remixing the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. Resident Los Angeles party starter-upper Them Jeans adds his name to the list with his charming version of Soft Shock (acoustic). Listen now for zero dollars just by clicking.