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William Eggleston’s Stranded in Canton

Published February 19, 2010 by Graham

Veritable patriarch of contemporary photography William Eggleston is essentially the king of color. But this feature-length film, Stranded in Canton, demonstrates just how masterful of an aesthete Eggleston is– color or no color, frozen images on film or slices of life on video tape.

Shot in the early ’70s on Sony’s revolutionary portable video recorder, Stranded in Canton is a marvel of documentary cinema. It strings together a wildly diverse set of scenes with no narrative thread to speak of, and yet leaves you with an impression of intimacy and voyeuristic thrill.

The Record on Shawn Records

Published July 3, 2009 by Spike

Shawn Records, father of Max, was our on-set observer. I love his photos. I would say he related to the aesthetic family of Joel Sternfeld and William Eggleston, his photos have a delicate wit and affection to them. I love how much of him comes through his photos. a sweet kind man with a keen eye and always soft spoken and understated. Please check out his photos at his website too. I’m lucky enough to have a print of the boy with his head in the bush. I think it is of Max in their backyard a few years ago.

The other added benefit of Shawn being a photographer that I didn’t realize until long after we cast Max was that by growing up with your dad always with a camera in hand you become used to having your picture taken and not even thinking about it, so Max is very unselfconscious in front of the camera. And also very natural because Shawn is not the kind of dad who is real loud, trying to force a shot yelling “Hey everyone, look over here! Hug your mom! Smile!” he couldn’t be more opposite actually. And that is what is so special about his pictures. Patient and observed.