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Spike Shines a Spotlight on Opening Ceremony

Published March 8, 2010 by Graham

Tremendously tasteful and refreshingly warm, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are the truly rad duo behind one of the world’s most innovative and chic international boutiques: Opening Ceremony. Humberto and Carol are no strangers to Spike. They recently celebrated his new short film, I’m Here, with an elaborate window display and a series of fabulous flipbooks, and they lovingly paid homage to Where the Wild Things Are with a remarkable line of clothing (and wolf suits!) inspired by Max and his wild pals.

Now Spike is turning the tables on this delightful pair of creative masterminds in a two-part documentary for VBS. Check it out and join us in relishing the tubular team’s eerily oracular telepathic connection, freewheeling fun-fueled business strategy, and Carol’s uncanny ability to cry on command. Plus, exclusive footage from the party for Opening Ceremony’s brand new store at the Ace Hotel, featuring a dazzling duet by Dirty Projectors and Solange Knowles!

Best of VBS : Ben Anderson

Published January 7, 2010 by Spike


VBS has the best of VBS 2009 up. Included is an amazing piece by our friend Ben Anderson, Obama’s War. He was with a marine platoon in Afghanistan this last summer. It was Obama’s first mission in the war. The footage he gets is incredible on the ground with the troops footage. He also was there the year before with British troops who were trying to train the newly formed Afghan army who have no interest in fighting and are just there for the money and to radio ahead and tell the Taliban where they are. In the middle of this chaotic fire fight, the Afghan soldiers are smoking opiates stoned out of their head. That piece is Inside Afgahnastan.

Both are definitely worth watching both as a reminder that we are at war and also to feel what its like over there. Ben is heading back there next month for another piece. Be safe Ben.

Oil in Los Angeles

Published November 23, 2009 by Dallas

VBS has been putting out some pretty choice material lately. This series about urban exploration is definitely at the top of the list of things worth looking into on the internet. As an added bonus the above LA oil episode features our good friend Nate Harrington of Family fame. It’s great to see Vice is still pushing new ideas and offering fresh ways of presenting them fifteen years into its existence.

Vice Continues to go Wild

Published October 1, 2009 by Dallas


As we mentioned the other day VBS/Vice have really put the full court press on this Where The Wild Things Are experience. If you haven’t given their site, WTWTA Mini-magazine, or Wild Things blog a look yet, they just gave you some new reasons – iphone wallpaper! Some great WTWTA inspired pieces done by some of Vice’s favorite contemporary artists and designers. They’re free!

So Many Wild Things…

Published September 29, 2009 by Dallas

There is just going to be more and more of this Wildness flooding the web over the next few weeks and boy are we excited. Check out how VBS does WTWTA with the exclusive behind the scenes videos of magician/production designer KK Barrett.

Bike Surfing

Published July 21, 2009 by Spike


Now up on Epicly O’Dell


Published May 19, 2009 by Graham

Aska Matsumiya of The Sads and Moonrats + David Scott Stone = AsDSSka (much like celebreviations “TomKat” or “Brangelina,” but with a deluge of unyielding consonants blocking futile attempts at pronunciation). Quoth the AsDSSka MySpace: “Matsumiya is a classical trained pianist and the single, ‘25′, features a slow debussy-like piano refrain accompanied by her delicate voice and Stone’s ethereal modular synthesizer drones.” Delicate and ethereal is right– other acceptable descriptors would include “otheworldly” and “exquisite.” The gorgeous video for “25,” seen above, was directed by Spike and fellow contributor Crystal Moselle.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, come check out AsDSSka at Family Bookstore on May 24th, backed by Becky Stark’s 14-dame strong ensemble, The Ladies Choir. Here’s a clip of The Ladies Choir covering Yoko Ono’s “Sisters O Sisters”:

Koos Van Der Akker

Published May 13, 2009 by Dallas


Sometimes VBS truly kills it. This three part jammer about the guy who created the “Cosby Sweater” is like watching Errol Morris without the cutaway footage of 1950’s Sears housewives ironing slacks. Bananas and Coconuts.