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Pictures from the Pop Up Shop

Published September 21, 2009 by Graham

Taken on their own, any one of these elaborate elements would be rad: the lovely branch sculptures, the fiberglass oak tree replete with fur-lined nook– to say nothing of the massive bunk-bed fortress. Put it all together and the experience is simply divine. These pictures cannot do justice to the outstanding amount of effort put into the Where the Wild Things Are pop-up shop– an effort that paid off in spades. And of course, Christian Joy’s insane costumes looked marvelous as the vibrant centerpiece of all the Space 1520 wildness.

Across the courtyard, Spike and Lance Acord took over the gallery, filling it with Sonny’s astonishing early sketches– the crucial seed of inspiration that blossomed into the film’s unique character design. Alongside those rad drawings, the gallery was covered in enormous, beautifully printed photos from a league of brilliant photographers Spike had invited to document the breathtaking bizarreness of Where the Wild Things Are’s production.

Sonny, meanwhile, made an entire gallery wall his canvas, composing a dreamy painting of Max and Carol taking a nap the night before the opening. Spike would like to note that he lent at least a couple of brush strokes to that massive mural. Really, it couldn’t have been done without him. Even Max Records stopped by the gallery, in town to shoot a rad-sounding robot-related short film. No relation to Spike’s recent robot short, but can one ever have too many robots? No. Of course not.

Urban Outfitters Wild Feature

Published September 17, 2009 by Dallas


Hey everybody the Urban Outfitters blog just got a full Wild Things makeover. They’ve been putting this together for a while and we think it looks really great. Wild Things prints and T’s, movie links, info on the pop up shop and Molly Young’s check in with Spike. All great stuff waiting to be devoured. Go explore it already!

Hanging an Art Show

Published September 15, 2009 by Spike

Went by Urban Outfitters on Cahuenga tonight. They gave us a gallery space to hang some still from the movie and some of Sonny’s creature design drawings. The proceeds will go to our friends at 826 LA. Lance is currating the images as you can see. And they also are doing a pop up Wild Things shop in the store which we saw in progress and looked great. They are also showing/selling(?) some very limited one of a kind Wild Things outfits that our good friend Christian Joy made. We’ll be posting a Christian Joy interview soon with all the pics. The opening is on Saturday night.

Christian Joy and Jason Grisell Art Show

Published July 29, 2009 by Spike


This Thursday at TG-170. Also, I think Christian might be doing some wild things stuff with Urban Outfitters. Hopefully.