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Meryl Smith

Published February 18, 2010 by Graham


Sculptor Meryl Smith, who crafted the lovely life-sized rodents in Spike’s new short, I’m Here, and designed Opening Ceremony’s tie-in window display, is the mother for a number of other radical animal-inspired creations. Majestic deer headpieces, morbid pigskin pigs, and adorable handbag puppies gush forth from Smith’s dearly sinister imagination. She’s also responsible for a number of hilariously gruesome Halloween costumes, like her 2006 opus: Timothy Treadwell Inside of the Bear That Ate Him. Don’t miss her collaboration with Neckface and make sure to check out Todd Selby’s set of photos capturing Smith’s warmly rococo Noah’s Ark of an apartment, over at The Selby.


Backyard Bill

Published November 9, 2009 by Graham


In a refreshing departure from both contrived celebrity fashion shoots and impersonal street safari style sites, Backyard Bill is a blog that showcases the personal predilictions of regular ol’ chic people. Choosing one subject for each post and then shooting them in beautiful real-world environments wearing their own clothes, photographer William Gentle creates delicate, naturalistic images that elevate to an art the seemingly simple genre of fashion portraiture.

Following each beguiling photo essay with a brief interview, Gentle’s work teases us with brief, yet somehow intimately revealing glimpses into the lives of these dapper New York denizens. Backyard Bill draws easy comparisons to stunning interior decoration documentary blog The Selby, whose eponymous creator, Todd Selby, has his own photo shoot on Backyard Bill.