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Lance Bangs’ Family Portrait

Published August 26, 2009 by Graham

Lately, it seems like all the rad creative people and places in L.A. have become closely intertwined, like a cat’s cradle of overlapping awesomeness. Sure, an extensively detailed flow chart might help you get the picture– or you could just watch this astute new documentary from Lance Bangs! Family Portrait centers on the bookstore Family and spider-webs outward from there, touching on some of our favorite places in Los Angeles, like The Smell, Hope Gallery, and Ooga Booga, as well as the people who make those places great. Watch the rest of Family Portrait after the jump.

Part 1: An intro to Family Bookstore, the crazy range of items they stock, and the origin of the store’s name.

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Published May 19, 2009 by Graham

Aska Matsumiya of The Sads and Moonrats + David Scott Stone = AsDSSka (much like celebreviations “TomKat” or “Brangelina,” but with a deluge of unyielding consonants blocking futile attempts at pronunciation). Quoth the AsDSSka MySpace: “Matsumiya is a classical trained pianist and the single, ‘25′, features a slow debussy-like piano refrain accompanied by her delicate voice and Stone’s ethereal modular synthesizer drones.” Delicate and ethereal is right– other acceptable descriptors would include “otheworldly” and “exquisite.” The gorgeous video for “25,” seen above, was directed by Spike and fellow contributor Crystal Moselle.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, come check out AsDSSka at Family Bookstore on May 24th, backed by Becky Stark’s 14-dame strong ensemble, The Ladies Choir. Here’s a clip of The Ladies Choir covering Yoko Ono’s “Sisters O Sisters”:

The Sads

Published May 11, 2009 by Dallas


Art Rock is a genre you don’t hear much about these days. I guess mostly because it kind of goes without saying that if you are in a band in 2009, you are probably an artist of some degree and have likely experimented with all forms and derivations of music-meets-installation type shenanigans and therefore qualify to post your album under the art rock banner. That’s why we like The Sads so much. They are approaching art rock with the fervor of a militant straight edge band from Orange County.

Hosting shows in museums and gallery spaces across the US and throughout Europe Aaron Rose, David Scott Stone, Aska Matsumiya and Dan Monick (each link-worthy art stars in his/her own right) have been pretty much blowing the lid off the how-awesome-can-weird- music-be/how-weird-can-awesome-music-be scenario. 

For proof one needs not look any further than their concept for the “Silent Show.”
Weird? Totally! Awesome? For sure!