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The Believer Film Issue

Published March 18, 2010 by Molly

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It’s that magical time of year again! The Believer’s annual film issue has hit newsstands, and this time it includes an interview with Harmony Korine (”Goldfish swallowers, pygmies—to me, that’s the greatest thing in life”), an essay on seven unproduced screenplays by famous intellectuals, an interview with Charlyne Yi, a dispatch about Iranian cinema (”Watching Shrek in Tehran”—you can read that one online here) and, best of all, a DVD featuring six short films by Karpo Godina, a Yugoslavian filmmaker whose early short films are collected on DVD for the first time here.

Plus more! So much more. Scope out the table of contents here, get stoked, and buy yourself a copy or two.

Lisa Hanawalt

Published December 10, 2009 by Graham


The truly tubular grid of post-its pictured above were inked by incredible illustrator Lisa Hanawalt for GR2’s currently running Post-It Show 4. I helped hang the 1000+ post-its for the show (helpful tip: when hanging post-its on uneven gallery walls, use liberal amounts of double stick tape), and I was so taken by Ms. Hanawalt’s lovably creepy creatures that when it came time to choose just a couple to take home, I couldn’t help myself from including one of her dapper cross-eyed kittens alongside an excellently obscene Johnny Ryan post-it and the crystal-worshiping transcendence of Aiyana Udesen’s piece.

Only afterwards did I realize that this is the same Lisa Hanawalt whose comic strip about Georgia O’Keefe and Johannes Vermeer’s secret obsession with dirty hip hop lyrics in The Believer’s 2009 Art Issue had had me nervously laughing days prior. Not only that, but she’s also the same Lisa Hanawalt whose contribution to Vice’s sweet Where the Wild Things Are mini-comic had pictured the Wild Things gleefully go-cart racing! Interview on that matter here. Pull quote: “I like the [Wild Thing] with the long, orange mane and webbed feet–she looks cuddly but she also gives me the creeps.”

Check out Hanawalt’s brand-new comic book, I Want You, published by Buenaventura Press and currently on sale for $3.96. What a steal!


The Believer Art Issue

Published November 16, 2009 by Molly

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Getting the new Believer each month supplies the exact excitement of ripping open a freshly-developed pack of film. It is always surprising and there are always good things (and new things) waiting inside.

The November/December issue (the magazine’s sixty-seventh) is the annual Art Issue, featuring interviews with Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Peter Blegvad and Andrea Zittel plus a conversation betwixt Jerry Moriarty and Chris Ware. Comics and an essay on “The Disappearance of Ford Beckman” round out the table of contents. Bonus: a giant fold-out poster by Moriarty comes free with every issue.

Though the magazine normally feels like a throwback luxury—that thick paper! those brilliant colors! that cartoony typeface!—is, in this case, more like a collectible than just another issue. Sure, parts are available online to whet your appetite, but this issue is best experienced in person.

Avi Davis in The Believer

Published October 15, 2009 by Molly

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Armchair travel! There’s nothing better. New York-based writer Avi Davis has a glorious piece in this month’s issue of The Believer describing his time in Sighişoara, a dime-sized Romanian town known for its medieval architecture and vampire lore.

In Sighişoara Davis eats tripe soup, meets a contentious local in a Cannibal Corpse t-shirt, discusses the origins of Dracula and tries to untangle the curious place of vampire mythology in Romanian history. Like most articles you’ll find in The Believer, the piece is detailed, well-argued and generally gripping. Sneak a peak online or, better yet, pick up the real-life magazine for its interview with Agnès Varda, Top Ten by Greil Marcus and a s study of the ideal Cuban cigar experience. Vámanos amigos.