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Tiny Furniture

Published March 19, 2010 by Molly

Tiny Furniture is filmmaker Lena Dunham’s second feature film (her first, Creative Nonfiction, premiered at SXSW in March of last year). The premise is this:

22-year-old Aura returns home to her artist mother’s TriBeCa loft with the following: a useless film theory degree, 357 hits on her Youtube page, a boyfriend who’s left her to find himself at Burning Man, a dying hamster, and her tail between her legs.

What Aura proceeds to go through is kind of a like a second puberty. (A puberty of the mind?) Played by Dunham (who also wrote and directed the film), you can catch Aura’s misadventures at SXSW this year—screening times here.

Dunham is a woman of many (possibly a billion) talents: she makes short films, she writes, she blogs, she creates comic web series(es) about goofy aspirational art stars…and more!