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Mike Billington

Published May 26, 2010 by Molly

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Mike Billington’s zines are pastel-covered manuals of how to live in a world where there’s just not enough white space. Billington’s little vignettes and aphoristic/humorous drawings are rendered in a chicken-scratch scrawl that is sometimes opaque and sometimes cacklingly rad, in perfect correlation with the words conveyed. Check out snippets from the zines here.


Published February 1, 2010 by Molly

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Jasoux creates pictures with the density of a Where’s Waldo illustration and the delirious beauty of a Tomi Ungerer drawing. Using watercolor paint, black ink lines and felt pens on paper, the artist scans in the images and occasionally re-jiggers the compositions ’til its perfectly imperfect.

Characters sprout grass from their legs, twist into knots, fall into holes, think about mustard and walk down lonely streets. There are floating heads, fantastical creatures, 3-D polygons, blobs, little dudes, big dudes, medium-sized dudes, and adorable aliens. You could call them automatic drawings or stream-of-consciousness images, but we just like to think of them as direct visual extensions of Jasoux’s imagination.