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The Company of People

Published January 23, 2010 by Dallas

Landon Metz one of the designers over here at WLYS is having a group show for his artist collective The Company of People. It’s happening tonight at space 1520 in beautiful (rainy) Los Angeles. If you are in the area you should brave the weather and stop by!

Aska x Space 15 Twenty x Susan Cianciolo

Published December 11, 2009 by Graham


Space 15 Twenty has been killing it lately! The L.A. event/retail space that hosted our super fun Where the Wild Things Are photo exhibit and pop-up shop in September has since brought David Kramer’s mind-blowing video art show, Main Street, to glorious fruition, presented a free Girls concert last weekend, and are about to open a fantastical exhibition of DIY fashion designer Susan Cianciolo’s work, called Mountains and Flowers. On top of that, the opening of Mountains and Flowers this Saturday will also feature the debut solo performance of the ethereal Aska.


You loved her as the leader of Moonrats, David Scott Stone’s counterpart in AsDSSka, and an Aaron Rose co-conspirator in The Sads– and now you get to experience the pure, unfettered Aska. With a voice like a sunbeam melting a glacier, you’ll feel like an owl being cooed to sleep by its mother. Check out a cozy acoustic performance by Aska below, and don’t miss her first live show tomorrow at 4pm!

David Kramer + Space 1520 Present: Main Street

Published October 20, 2009 by Graham


Leaping lizards! There are so many rad artists– luminaries, really– involved in the latest gallery show at L.A.’s primo promenade, Space 15 Twenty, I don’t even know where to start. Curated by Family founder David Kramer, Main Street is an exhibition of fresh video and animation from Miranda July, Jacob Ciocci, and Andrew Jeffrey Wright, to name just three. The exhibition, which opens Saturday, October 24th at 7pm, will also be released as a DVD designed by Grammy nominee Brian Roettinger. Always a perfectionist, Kramer tells us how he plans to transcend the confines of a gallery screening: “We’re building a giant box/cinema in the middle of the gallery with benches for viewing!”

The videos range from the psychedelically patterned color abstractions of Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Kris Moyes, to the documentary-style mountain biking travelogue of Andrew Sutherland. Miranda July’s meditation on tribal drumming, and Peter Sutherland’s re-enactment of a dream where teenagers wreak havoc on NYC, their minds controlled by a diabolical, smoking stone. Jacob Ciocci of Paper Rad defaces youtube videos of bedroom freak dancers with his brightly distinctive animations, while Melanie Bonajo records a deadpan conversation between two women with household items tied to their every limb. Lori D.’s cartoons focus on leering men, while Lucky Dragons focus on flower gardens.

Opening night features:
Dunes (Live show)
DJs: Rob Barber (High Places) and Brian Roettinger

Check it out this weekend if you’re in L.A., and keep your eyes peeled for more info on the DVD!


What’s a Junket?

Published October 9, 2009 by Graham

Last weekend’s press junket for Where the Wild Things Are was like an extended debutante ball– a strangely rigid and somewhat superfluous ceremony by which a crowd of adult strangers decide when a girl has become a woman. To help shepherd their baby into the world, Spike and his band of cohorts fielded questions from a deluge of revolving journalists for three days in a dimly lit nook of the Beverly Hilton.

With many of these interviews lasting no longer than 3-4 minutes, it’s unsurprising that variation was scarce. “What was it like working with Spike?” became a nauseating refrain in the endless hours of Max Records’ interrogations. Sometimes there’d be curveballs, like when a bald Scotsman posed pseudo-esoteric questions dancing around the periphery of awkwardness, like this one: “Where does Spike end and Adam begin?” On the other end of the odd question spectrum, we scratched our heads as a spaced out Japanese lady muttered almost (but not quite) poetic non sequiturs about Spike being a 39-year-old man in a 9-year-old boy’s wolf suit. Spike, I have to say– you handled it all with admirable charm.

At least the set-up was comfortable– Warner Brothers hired the fantastic crew behind Space 1520’s pop-up shop to construct a fantasy haven of barren branches and dry leaves for the occasion. Led by Stephen Hill (seen above, sticking his face in a Wild Things comic foreground), the pop-up boys whipped together a glorious woodsy environment that magically obscured the sterile conference rooms playing host to this unique set of alien interactions.

When I swung by on the press event’s final afternoon, lunch was a fancy buffet (a contradiction that Shawn Records reveled in) where Spike’s dad, Arthur, told us how he’d posed as a studio executive during several interviews, until his cover was blown by an intrepid journalist who recognized him as the elder Jonze. Max loaded up on exotic desserts before heading over to Catherine Keener’s place for a sleepover with her son, Clyde, and everyone parted ways as the ceremony finally came to an end. Where the Wild Things Are had undergone the media’s rigorous rite of passage and was finally on her way to the world at large.

The Wild Things’ Forts Contest!

Published October 5, 2009 by Graham


Remember what it felt like to build a fort? To hide away in a maze of chairs and pillows and blankets? Remember perching on couches and bunkbeds, overlooking an imaginary empire? It felt amazing to strip those objects of their benign, practical purposes. We were contradicting the domestic order of mom and dad to create something wild and mysterious– a place all our own, with moats and towers, jungles and vines, robots and dinosaurs. This guy knows what I’m talking about:


Let’s recapture the magic. We Love You So and our good friends over at . Use any materials you can get your hands on, because the only limits are inside your own imagination.

The winner will receive a special edition Xbox 360 decked out Where the Wild Things Are style– plus a magnificent bus shelter-sized Where the Wild Things Are poster not available in stores! More details on the prizes to come– but the competition will be fierce, so get your entires in quick! The deadline for submissions is Monday, October 12th. Let the wild rumpus start!

Here are a couple rad examples to get your creative juices flowing: ethereal fortresses from lovely Swedish artist Ida Lehtonen, and the enormous yet cozy fort at Space 1520’s WTWTA pop-up shop.


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Pictures from the Pop Up Shop

Published September 21, 2009 by Graham

Taken on their own, any one of these elaborate elements would be rad: the lovely branch sculptures, the fiberglass oak tree replete with fur-lined nook– to say nothing of the massive bunk-bed fortress. Put it all together and the experience is simply divine. These pictures cannot do justice to the outstanding amount of effort put into the Where the Wild Things Are pop-up shop– an effort that paid off in spades. And of course, Christian Joy’s insane costumes looked marvelous as the vibrant centerpiece of all the Space 1520 wildness.

Across the courtyard, Spike and Lance Acord took over the gallery, filling it with Sonny’s astonishing early sketches– the crucial seed of inspiration that blossomed into the film’s unique character design. Alongside those rad drawings, the gallery was covered in enormous, beautifully printed photos from a league of brilliant photographers Spike had invited to document the breathtaking bizarreness of Where the Wild Things Are’s production.

Sonny, meanwhile, made an entire gallery wall his canvas, composing a dreamy painting of Max and Carol taking a nap the night before the opening. Spike would like to note that he lent at least a couple of brush strokes to that massive mural. Really, it couldn’t have been done without him. Even Max Records stopped by the gallery, in town to shoot a rad-sounding robot-related short film. No relation to Spike’s recent robot short, but can one ever have too many robots? No. Of course not.

1520 Family Release

Published July 16, 2009 by Dallas

As we mentioned recently Lauren Dukoff’s new book Family is hitting stores and this week in LA our friends at Urban Outfitters Space 1520 are having a kickoff party on the 18th. Some of your favorite next-gen folk stars will be jamming live and it promises to be a wild session. Stop by if you’re in town.