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Chuck Groenink

Published May 26, 2010 by Molly



We stumbled upon Chuck Groenink after moaning with awe at his submission to Terrible Terrible Yellow eyes (it’s so dreamy!) but became further enchanted upon taking a quick tour of his website, which showcases a roster of illustrations and serials.

For a biographical note, Groenink reveals that he grew up “in an overgrown village somewhere among the moors and peat bogs in the north of the Netherlands.” If that doesn’t sound like a fairy-tale recipe for productively unhinged imaginative activity, we don’t know what does! Groenink also lists as his interests old towns, damp forests, creepie crawlies and almonds, which fills out the picture perfectly.

Boy’s Club 3

Published December 29, 2009 by Molly


We introduced you all to Matt Furie a couple of months ago with a micro-questionnaire that covered the basics of his creative psyche: the childhood urge to retreat into imaginary worlds, the taxonomy (or lack thereof) of his creatures, favorite kid’s books, and so forth. When we got hold of Boys Club 3, the newest installment in his comic series published by Buenaventura Press, we thought an update on the Furie situation would be a prudent undertaking.

So what does numero 3 bring us? Teenage monsters, naturally. This time the cast is engaged in a tale of friendship and scatology that reaches viewers via forty pages of clean comic beauty. Title notwithstanding, Boys Club isn’t strictly for dudes, although it probably helps to have a refined yet gutter-level sense of humor for the purest enjoyment of the comics. In short, Boys Club is for everyone. Except, maybe, for parents. We hear that space between the mattress and the box spring makes an exceptionally good hiding place.