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REDCAT International Children’s Festival

Published February 24, 2010 by Graham


Here’s a problem: of the relatively tiny number of independent and foreign films that find distribution each year, an even tinier number of those are intended for children.

Here’s a partial solution: the annual REDCAT International Children’s Festival helps expose the work of filmmakers and animators who believe that kids deserve more than the standard cookie-cutter fare. There are artists in Iran, Sweden, Brazil, and Burkina Faso making rad entertainment for kids, and because of this festival, their films are available to you and the budding cinĂ©aste in your life from the comfort of a theater in downtown Los Angeles.

If you live in the area and are lucky enough to know an imaginative kid, take a trip to REDCAT this week and blow that kid’s mind! The festival runs February 27 – March 7th.