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Light Boxes by Shane Jones

Published March 16, 2010 by Molly

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Shane Jones’ novel Light Boxes opens with a beautiful little epigraph by Joseph Wood Krutch which reads:

“The most serious charge which can be brought against New England is not Puritanism but February.”

We can all agree on that, no? The snippet foretells the book’s central conflict, which is a battle against the month of February. Only “month”, in this case, is a misnomer: the February of Light Boxes is an endless season of bleakness, a metaphysical state, a spiritual personage, sort of, and an oppressor above all.

Not to get anatomical here, but the form and the language of Jones’ novel are important to think about, because both are unusual. The book is divided into segments of a few paragraphs or a few sentences, and the prose will splinter freely into a recipe, a list, a monologue, a catalog or a cryptogram without warning. Somehow the transitions feel seamless, like reading the direct transcription of a story told by someone with no regard for conventions but an instinctive grasp of narrative.

Don’t want to spoil the plot—it’s delicate!—but trust us that this pocket-sized treasure is worth devouring.

WLYS Exclusive Interview: Ray Tintori

Published July 6, 2009 by Graham

Mere days after we first posted about filmmaker Ray Tintori, his latest video for MGMT was released to the world, setting their much-loved anthem “Kids” to a barrage of unsettling images. Beginning with an epic minute-long intro and transitioning into a nightmare vision of infancy starring folk freak pixie Joanna Newsom as a crass housewife, a crying toddler, and a fleet of flesh-mangled monsters, the video eventually gives way to an extravagant animated sequence crafted by Christy Karacas (the creator of Cartoon Networks’ awesomely disturbing Superjail). The reactions to “Kids” in online discussions have been divisive, with some viewers lobbing accusations of child abuse towards Tintori, echoing the controversy over Jill Greenberg’s “crying baby” photos a few years back. We were dying to know more about Tintori and his methods, so we had a chat with the artist to tackle some of the mystery surrounding his work.

So, what are you working on at the moment?
Right now I’m finishing up another music video for a friend’s band called Boy Crisis. That should be done in a couple days, and then I’m going to take a hiatus from doing music videos for a while and work on some scripts that I’ve sort of been putting off for about a year and a half. Some of it’s longer and some of it’s shorter, but there are four or five different projects right now that have sort of been put on hold after the music video thing evolved a little, after we did those first MGMT videos.

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