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Food Party

Published October 8, 2009 by Graham


Thu Tran’s cooking show Food Party is simply eggcellent. From its humble beginnings as a video art project put together by a group of friends in Tran’s Ohio apartment to the airwaves of IFC, Food Party has only gotten crazier and more hilarious. It’s a sickeningly adorable puppet show spattered with moments of intense evil, coated with a sauce of irrational genius and deep fried in a vat of unicorn poo. Even the Grey Lady is hip to Thu Tran, for good reason– the hostess and of Food Party is a fascinating character, with a deliciously demented mind that seems to come up with brilliant ideas faster than even the rococo excesses of Food Party can accommodate. Perhaps her wild origin story can help us understand the way Tran thinks:

…Whenever [our father] would make a stew he would make us guess what animal we were eating. “It’s a goat!” “It’s a kangaroo!” “It’s a deer!” “It’s an alligator!” Normally my brothers and I would be wrong, but we didn’t care, we would eat it anyway. The weirdest thing might have been cubes of solidified pork blood, or fresh coagulated duck blood topped with its chopped innards, basil, and roasted nuts.

I didn’t realize it was weird until I would talk to my friends at school about it, and they would wrinkle their faces like ogres in total disgust. I would have to change the subject immediately to something like the kind of mousse and gel combo I had to use to make my 5th grade permed hair look lustrously wet and beautiful.

Furry Puppet Studio Heralds the Revolution

Published September 3, 2009 by Graham


Furry Puppet Studio is exactly what it sounds like: a magical laboratory where puppets are born! At least that’s what it seems like from their website, which is replete with images of stupdendous, diverse puppets and nifty glimpses at the process that brings these creatures to life. In their “Workshop” section, we’re treated to photos and descriptions of various stages in the puppet-making process. The Furry Puppet blog takes it a step further with some tantalizingly brief looks at works in progress, including video screen tests and disembodied robotic eyes in action.

Is puppeteering the new knitting? Will D.I.Y. puppet shows follow in the footsteps of indie craft fairs? Let’s hope! We could use some more puppets in the world today.


Jan Svankmajer

Published July 24, 2009 by Dallas

When it comes to surrealist puppeteering and adapting children’s literature into a massive mash of beautiful images it doesn’t get must better than ole’ Jan Svankmajer. I don’t know if we’ve got enough space on this blog for a crash course in his impact on modern animation but with all this internet talk of how things are shaping up in Wonderland I thought it only fitting to take a look back at the man himself via this supremely bizarre three part documentary lurking around youtube.