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Scottie Cameron

Published May 21, 2010 by Molly

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Australian photographer Scottie Cameron’s photos are big and vibrant, even when they’re diminished to the size of your computer monitor. Like WLYS favorite Sleigh Bells, Cameron’s work comes across as large and loud even when it’s technically shrunken down to the system requirements of whatever machine you’re accessing it on. We’d still kill to see the photographs in real life, though!

Joe Biel

Published May 7, 2010 by Molly

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As if it weren’t rad enough that artist Joe Biel names Hieronymus Bosch and Bruegel as influences, he has to go and paint the most amazing primates we’ve ever seen. The elegance and detail of the paintings puts them on par with nature documentaries in terms of realism, but they’ve also got a subtle and alert creepiness that coexists with a strangely tranquil quality. Zoinks! These monkeys make us feel weird in the best way possible.

Alex de Mora

Published May 5, 2010 by Molly




Alex de Mora has an unerring eye for complicatedly beautiful scenarios, panoramas, and models in Metallica accessories. It’s important, these days, to be versatile, and de Mora fits that bill. He’s equally astute at photographing live music and adorable cats— a range to be envious of, for sure!

The artist’s blog is a running document of his adventures in picture-taking, and we highly recommend a visit. Not to mention the portfolio—which is truly a thing to behold.

Amelia Midori Miller

Published May 3, 2010 by Molly



You all recognize that little dude in the glasses, right? Amelia Midori Miller’s series of Woody Allen paintings gives us goosebumps in both the good and creepy senses. We love ‘em.

Lucas Reiner

Published February 17, 2010 by Molly

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Trees have it rough in major metropolitan areas. There’s pollution, traffic, unfriendly elements and an often tree-indifferent population to contend with. It’s a wonder they manage, especially in Los Angeles. Lucas Reiner’s new book Los Angeles Trees is a collection of the artist’s tree portraits that feels like a cross between a yearbook, a landscape, and a metaphysical exploration of what it takes to survive in a hostile environment.

Valero Doval

Published October 19, 2009 by Molly


Some artists make pictures; some artists create a visual universe that is unmistakably theirs. Guess which category Valero Doval falls into. Born in Spain, Doval studied in Valencia and relocated to London to continue his work, which ranges from Volkswagen and Paul Smith commissions to collages of bird-plane hybrids.

His output is as varied as his clients. Typical Doval subjects include zeppelins, ghosts, pets, and haunted houses––none of it rendered in any form you’ve seen before. With a visual allegiance to geometric forms and rich color, Doval’s work escapes the curse of cutesiness that can attend pet-themed art–yet still manages to have an adorable aspect to go with its visual punch. Always a balancing act, as they say.

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