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Bianca Hester

Published June 10, 2010 by Molly

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Oh, what we’d give to visit the studio of Bianca Hester! Hester is an artist/handywoman/creator across all platforms living output is so varied and so unexpected that we can’t quite wrap our heads around the whole of it.

For starters, Hester makes and modifies instruments, orchestrates fruitful installations and collaborations, produces lovely art books, writes with great insight, creates video, turns leftover installation materials into light fixtures for her friends, and, need we say it…MUCH MORE.

Luca Dipierro

Published June 2, 2010 by Molly

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Among the standard bits of information embedded within artist/filmmaker/writer Luca Dipierro’s biography is the sentence, “His life is based on a true story.” Cool! We love ontological riddles as much as the next guy/girl, and Dipierro’s work is studded with them in the darndest places.

There’s a lot to explore on Dipierro’s website. We recommend starting with the ART section, moseying on over to the FILM segment, and ending up with a tour of the WRITING archive. Neat stuff abounds—and it’s always refreshing to stumble upon a genuine polymath.

Jean Jullien’s Journal

Published April 7, 2010 by Molly



Jean Jullien’s work is joyous and wide-ranging. There’s the illustration, for one thing, not to mention the videos, costumes, installations, books and posters. This might be old news to you—the guy IS, after all, pretty famous— but what about his diary? Have you seen that?

If not, get on it! Jullien posts prodigious excerpts online from the notebook he fills with daily writings and drawings. Browsing the scans is like flipping through the sketchbook/journal of a 21st-century polymath. It’s an easy and efficient way to get your daily requirement of RAD.