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Bianca Hester

Published June 10, 2010 by Molly

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Oh, what we’d give to visit the studio of Bianca Hester! Hester is an artist/handywoman/creator across all platforms living output is so varied and so unexpected that we can’t quite wrap our heads around the whole of it.

For starters, Hester makes and modifies instruments, orchestrates fruitful installations and collaborations, produces lovely art books, writes with great insight, creates video, turns leftover installation materials into light fixtures for her friends, and, need we say it…MUCH MORE.

Joey Ryken

Published March 30, 2010 by Molly



There are countless ways to assess a work of art. One method we ascribe to is the “Whoa Dude” factor. If a piece of art brings forceful thoughts of “Whoa Dude” into your head, that piece of art can be said to possess serious intellectual and aesthetic strengths.

“Whoa Dude” is what we think of when we look at Joey Ryken’s work. Ryken makes drawings, installations, moving pictures and sculptures, as well as other, unclassifiable works. “My work is based on an attempt to connect personal anecdote, occult ritual/symbology, and references to both popular culture and sub-cultures, dismantling them through shambolic mimicry,” writes the artist. To this we can only nod with a look of studied concentration. This is art you can spend a long time looking at.

Clarina Bezzola

Published March 16, 2010 by Molly



Swiss-born artist Clarina Bezzola mainly wears the hats of sculptor and performance artist, but lately we’ve become fixated on her psyched-out kooky drawings and gouache paintings. These portray a world of trash heaps and severed fingers, multi-armed women and anonymous human bodies into abstraction. Bezzola is a pro at painting the most grotesque elements in a light hand that renders them deeply engrossing, if not exactly pretty.

The artist opened her most recent show of sculpture with an Albert Einstein quotation: Every Belief in Separateness is an Illusion! and proceeded to explore that liminal space between interior and exterior worlds with gnarled tree stems and more severed fingers. It is teh radness.