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Jennilee Marigomen

Published November 27, 2009 by Graham


Sedate and reverent, Jennilee Marigomen floats toward scenes of scenic splendor. Reveling in the warm mysteries and cold carnality of natural light, her camera impossibly captures, in microscopic detail, the fleeting visceral feeling of each atmosphere its sly lens fixes upon. Whether or not people are physically present in Marigomen’s images, each one is marked by a ghostly trace of humanity. There is a very long rope invisibly tying these ethereal images back to a nameless group of compatriots. We only glimpse them through tree branches and fiery lens flares, but they always feel nearby, protecting us from the detached desolation of the Northwestern wild.


Kevin Hooyman

Published April 26, 2009 by Graham



Bred in the Pacific Northwest’s wooded wonderland and currently residing on a dilapidated farm in upstate New York, Kevin Hooyman has always felt strongly connected to the natural world. His paintings, illustrations and comics depict fantastic forests rich in psychedelic detail, anthropomorphic animals, and bearded shamans imparting deep wisdoms. Critiquing contemporary life from a perspective more transcendentalist than environmentalist, Hooyman’s images and stories use a detached sense of humor to break down everyday social interactions until they no longer seem to make sense or feel comfortable. Check out some pages from his latest book, Love to Live, on Arthur Magazine’s blog.