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Calling All Filmers!!

Published January 15, 2010 by Dallas


Do you live in the New York area? Are you over 25 years old? Are you an amazing filmer/editor/cinematographer/photographer? If you are any of those things, or all of those things you should let us know. We are looking for a few rad human beings to be part of a truly fantastic top secret upcoming project happening in NYC in and around Feb-April of 2010. Strengths include : desire to make beautiful work, ability to work on the fly, love of art, music, and culture, knowledge of the internet and an overall sense of the difference between what is good and what is bad.

If this sounds like you, or sounds like someone you know, or sounds like someone that someone you know might know please respond to email hidden; JavaScript is required with the subject: TOP SECRET. Please include a link to your site/reel/blog/tumblr or whatever other means you think best communicates how great you are.

Also feel free to fwd, tweet, facebook and generally share this post with the world. The sooner the better!


– We Love You So

Backyard Bill

Published November 9, 2009 by Graham


In a refreshing departure from both contrived celebrity fashion shoots and impersonal street safari style sites, Backyard Bill is a blog that showcases the personal predilictions of regular ol’ chic people. Choosing one subject for each post and then shooting them in beautiful real-world environments wearing their own clothes, photographer William Gentle creates delicate, naturalistic images that elevate to an art the seemingly simple genre of fashion portraiture.

Following each beguiling photo essay with a brief interview, Gentle’s work teases us with brief, yet somehow intimately revealing glimpses into the lives of these dapper New York denizens. Backyard Bill draws easy comparisons to stunning interior decoration documentary blog The Selby, whose eponymous creator, Todd Selby, has his own photo shoot on Backyard Bill.


Wild Things Week NYC

Published October 2, 2009 by Dallas


Hey New Yorkers check out all of the amazing Wild Things happenings about town here.

Time for a Mark Gonzales Break

Published September 10, 2009 by Graham

Take five, you’ve earned it! Stop all that hard work just long enough to watch this rad clip of Mark Gonzales skating around the dreary streets of New York accompanied by the sounds of Ciccone Youth’s “MacBeth.” The Gonz never ceases to amaze. His entire existence is an ode to human beings’ limitless potential to create their own fun.

This video was originally included in a DVD supplement to The Journal in 2006.

Myphone Mondays

Published June 15, 2009 by Spike


Squeaker Clean in NYC.


Published June 1, 2009 by Dallas


The above image is the limited-edition double-sided full color poster that just popped up in our mailbox this morning. It’s an inspirational beaut’ from NYC via Vancouver professional drawer and font writer outer Robin Cameron. Robin has been treading around the free illustration circle for the past few years and in that time has put some phenomenal shows under her belt and supplied the world with a small library of pocket-sized literature. Stop in on her if you get a moment or two this afternoon and while you’re there pick up a poster… there’s only 500.