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Skulls Unlimited’s Commanding Centaur

Published October 27, 2009 by Graham


Someone thought it would be just peachy to make a centaur skeleton. They must have been onto something, because this thing is as awesome as it is eerie. It would fit right in at The Mütter Museum.

Although Skulls Unlimited generally articulates species that actually exist, we are sometimes asked to create custom skeletal mounts, such as this Centaur. Created using the torso of a real human skeleton and melding it with the body of a horse, this mythical skeleton turned out to be an interesting and fun project.

Also, “Skulls Unlimited.” What a good name for an articulated skeleton shop, am I right?

Discovery: Mythical Monsters

Published October 16, 2009 by Molly

Picture 3

Interested in mythical monsters? Check out this reference volume from 1886, newly available in glorious totality on the interwebs.

In Mythical Monsters, author Charles Gould argues that “many of the so-called mythical animals, which throughout long ages and in all nations have been fertile subjects of fact and fiction,” are actually creatures that “really once existed, and of which, unfortunately, only imperfect and inaccurate descriptions have filtered down to us, probably very much refracted, through the mists of time.”

Those damn mists, always obscuring the truth. At any rate, Gould sets the record straight with hi informative chapters on such phenomena as dragons, unicorns, sea serpents and the Chinese Phoenix. Old-school illustrations provide visuals for the monsters, and digressions into Peruvian Indian tribes and electric telegrams supply entertainment for those with woefully low attention spans.