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Mia Doi Todd x Michel Gondry

Published March 19, 2010 by Graham

Direct from the shimmering ether of a distant galaxy, Mia Doi Todd’s voice visits Earth to humble us humans. It is a voice that exudes an aura of fascinating fragility underlined with titillating tempestuous tones.

Pairing Todd’s velvet vocals with director Michel Gondry’s whimsical aesthetic brilliance, the music video for “Open Your Heart” is a feast for the senses. With the help of a marching band from Riverside, a carefully considered wardrobe color palette, and the beautifully bland Los Angeles cityscape, Gondry’s video accompanies as much as it elevates the dreamlike tune. We’re a month or two late for the frenzy of blog postings about this clip, but even if you’ve already watched it, take the time to revisit Gondry and Todd’s casual genius.

Treeless Mountain

Published September 28, 2009 by Graham

Treeless Mountain

The tumultuous uncertainty of childhood has rarely been depicted so beautifully as in Treeless Mountain. Abandoned by their mother at the apartment of an almost cruelly indifferent aunt, a six year-old girl and her younger sister are forced to come of age prematurely through a series of silent betrayals and callously shattered perceptions.

Director So Yong Kim captures her heroines’ evaporating naiveté and subtly transforming identities through a stream of breathtaking images that are at once poetic and shockingly natural. At no point in Treeless Mountain do these talented young actresses give the impression that they are, in fact, acting. Their loneliness, confusion and desperation feels as real as any documentary. Between this film and her equally understated 2006 feature, In Between Days, Kim has established herself as force to be reckoned with.

One other note: Oscilloscope Laboratories, the distribution company founded by Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, is responsible for releasing Treeless Mountain. With this addition to it’s already robust roster of acquisitions, the company’s curatorial prowess has become so sharply refined, it’s simply flabbergasting. Kelly Reichardt’s phenomenal Wendy and Lucy, the cripplingly emotional true crime documentary Dear Zachary, and Michel Gondry’s hotly anticipated film about his aunt, The Thorn in my Heart, are all films bearing the Oscilloscope brand– a logo on its way to the same realm of respect as Criterion’s lopsided “c.”

Jan von Hollenben’s Dreams of Flying

Published August 27, 2009 by Graham


Son of a cinematographer and a child therapist, Jan von Holleben must have been destined to create visually striking depictions of childhood fantasy. In his series Dreams of Flying, the photographer takes an old-fashioned approach to staging gravity-defying acrobatics. Hollenben’s work is Gondry-esque (though maybe it’s the “Ghostbusters” shot leaving that impression) in its lo-fi sensibility, favoring D.I.Y. fun over glossy special effects trickery. Check out his latest series, Journey to Everywhere for more adventurous kids, make believe and optical illusions.

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Lance Bangs Photo of the Week*

Published July 23, 2009 by Dallas


Jonze, Barrett , Bangs , Gondry – Echo Park.

*How could Lance have taken this photo when he is in the photo with his eyes closed holding a camera? He’s just that good.