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The Brothers Bloom

Published May 9, 2009 by Graham


High school noir mystery Brick propelled director Rian Johnson into cult status four years ago, but The Brothers Bloom is poised to introduce a much wider audience to the filmmaker’s anachronistic charm. Depicting the bond of brotherhood through a team of fraternal con artists played by dramaturgical heartthrobs Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo (who also appears in Where the Wild Things Are), the film is an epic adventure pastiche spanning the globe, chock full of aesthetic eye candy. In the process of pulling off “one last con” on bored millionaire mark Rachel Weisz (who actually turns out to be kind of hilarious– who knew?), the titular Blooms weave a twist-filled tale that’s just plain old-fashioned fun. If only all action-packed popcorn films were as exciting and stimulating as this! Check out the trailer, and while you’re on that page, note the weird Photoshop chop-job some marketers did on the production still posted above– who shoulders are those, really, Ruffalo?

Also check out the clip below of the opening sequence in which Max Records AKA Max from WTWA plays young Ruffalo. Mark Recommended him for the job after working together on Wild Things. We love Max!