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Rob Wakshinski

Published March 31, 2010 by Dallas


WLYS best bud Marcel Dzama just turned us onto another Winnipeger whose work is now making us very happy. Click here to explore Rob’s world for yourself. Get Happy!

Marcel Dzama Show

Published February 2, 2010 by Spike

One of our favorite friends of WLYS has a big museum show this week in Montreal. He is showing some of the big diaramas he showed in New York two years ago and quite a few new pieces he did for the show as well as many drawings and some pieces from the Department of Eagles video he did with Patrick Daughters last year (below). I tagged along with Marcel this week. Here are some pictures of him setting up the show.

Wholphin #9

Published December 16, 2009 by Graham


Still trying to find the perfect holiday gift? Why not give Wholphin #9 to that special someone in your life? The latest issue of McSweeney’s always-impressive DVD magazine has something for everyone! Highlights include an electrifying Elmore Leonard adaptation directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (featuring amazing papercraft set design by Cat Solen), a scene from the most awkward acting class of all time, and a French animation about the bizarre side effects of getting hit by an asteroid.

But wait, I’m burying the lede: Wholphin #9 includes not one but three never-released short films directed by Spike! Marcel Dzama animates a glimpse at what really went on behind the scenes of Where the Wild Things Are, Sonny Gerasimowicz portrays Maurice Sendak’s viciously self-doubting inner demon, and Catherine Keener aides Spike in the dramatic reenactment of a distinctly Sendakian childhood memory from the 1939 World’s Fair. These tiny treasures will whet your appetite for the sumptuous special features that are sure to supplement the impending home video release of Where the Wild Things Are!




Wall Art

Published November 5, 2009 by Spike


Snapped by our man in the streets Marcel Dzama.

Bonus making of:

Mark and Marcel Revamp the Times

Published September 8, 2009 by Spike


^ Artwork by Mark Gonzales sent via the ever talented Alex Olson.


^ “So I was reading my morning paper, when the magazine fell out of the it and what do you know, the cover beholds the man of my dreams.” — Marcel


Published July 8, 2009 by Spike

Where The Wild Things Are

Pip in a box.

Where The Wild Things Are
Pip and Carol.

Photos from Marcel

Monday MyPhone

Published May 18, 2009 by Spike

Dzama – he can do anything.

Department of Eagles

Published April 30, 2009 by Dallas

Patrick Daughters and Marcel Dzama rad-dic-ulous video collabo for Department of Eagles “No One Does It Like You.”

Marcel is a beast. Patrick is a beast. Department of Eagles is not yet on beast status but this video and the fact that it premiered at MOMA sure puts them one step closer. The whole thing is out of control.