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Charlie Duck

Published April 13, 2010 by Molly

Picture 3

Dust & Shadow is an exquisite art book published by Duke Press and crafted by Charlie Duck. Hand-stitched and digitally printed in a numbered edition of 100, the book features aerial views of chateau, drawings of interiors, still lifes and memento mori. “Initially they appear a celebration of wealth and immortality,” the publisher writes, “Yet there is disquiet to these images; an underlying emptiness which is explored and developed in each drawing.”

So much truth in that. Witness also the artist’s blog, which is chock full of sketchbook scans and gallery news and works in progress. Cheers to you, Mr. Duck!

Hannah Waldron

Published April 13, 2010 by Molly



Lately we’ve been digging the work of London-based artist Hannah Waldron for its geometric complexity and beautiful palette. Her blog is a document of her work habits, experiments and obsessions: sea monsters, zoo structures, patternmaking, playing with various inks and design concepts, making silkscreens and drawing gridded rooftop patterns inspired by Berlin and Italian piazzas.

Waldron’s lovely book, Rain Day, was published by Duke Press and sold out in milliseconds, so keep your eyes peeled for the second edition.

It’s Nice That #3

Published April 8, 2010 by Molly



Ahoy! Looks like the new issue of our favorite art journal is out. It’s Nice That Issue #3 is 128 pages of brainy, eye-popping fun. Numero tres includes interviews with photographer Dan Tobin Smith, a feature called “Graphics vs. Poetry” by WLYS fave Geoff McFetridge, work by Adam Voorhes and Taizo Yamamoto (among others), and an interview with the esteemed graphic designer Milton Glaser (AWESOME.)

As eternal students of the creative process, we’re equally charmed by the Flickr set documenting each step of Issue #3’s production.

Three cheers to Will Hudson, Alex Bec, Florencia Soto and the rest of the team for their impressive contribution to bookshelves everywhere. Y’all should get your orders in swiftly!

Spike at the Apple Store in London

Published December 4, 2009 by Dallas


Hey London, come out and ask Spike questions tomorrow! It’s going to be a blast!

Saturday, December 5
Apple Store Filmmaker Q and A

5.15pm – 6.00pm

Regent St, London W1
Hosted by Adam Buxton