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Becky Stark’s Califunya

Published December 17, 2009 by Graham


Becky Stark– the divine dame behind Lavender Diamond– is writing, directing and starring in a new series for Aaron Rose’s online entertainment portal WKE. Aesthetically parallel to the world of Stark’s L.A. Ladies Choir, or at least awash in the same rose-scented perfume, Califunya is described as:

a new “peace comedy” variety show from WKE parodying a high school play that is parodying a kids’ show from the ’60s as performed by grown-ups — with all the expected exclamation points muted!

Sign me up! The all too brief first episode, which is sponsored by roses (because “they’re so beautiful”), gets into some deep ontological musings on the nature of time and space in the span of one minute and thirty-seven seconds. It also features the talents of Mia Doi Todd and Ariana Delawari, with musical accompaniment by Decemberist Colin Meloy. Stay tuned for an upcoming guest appearance by Miranda July!

Lavender Diamond x Paper Rad x Madonna

Published December 9, 2009 by Graham

Becky Stark’s delicate voice makes this warmhearted serenade the most tender adaptation of “Like a Prayer” known to man. Genius illustrator (and Lavender Diamond drummer) Ron Rege teamed up with Paper Rad’s Jacob Ciocci and animator Tom McConnell to lend the song some visual flair– namely space rainbows and mystical portals– in this brand new video, directed by Peter Glantz. Glantz and his production company, Imaginary Company are also the wizards who brought Kevin Hooyman’s work to life in a rad music video for The USA Is A Monster, earlier this year.