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Gingerbread, Sweaters and Weddings

Published December 24, 2009 by Graham


The Where the Wild Things Are-inspired madness marches on! Just in time for Christmas, ultra-appetizing Aussie food blog A Table For Two built a impressively spherical gingerbread house inspired by the forts in the movie.

I made lots and lots of gingerbread sticks about 4cm long, and glued them together over a basketball, using sugar toffee. The next thing I know, my middle and index fingers are soon covered in blisters from the hot sugar toffee. Ouch! (I told you I was ambitious)

Ambitious indeed! They have brilliantly detailed step-by-step instructions on their blog for anyone who dares to replicate this masterpiece. For those of you more crafty than culinary, check out knitting blog Splendor’s lovely hooded wolf-suit sweater. They’e even got a free PDF of the pattern, written in 19 different sizes!


Finally, a wedding photography blog called Helmutwalker shares some photos from a fairytale-themed wedding. What better ringbearer could you ask for than Max, king of all the Wild Things? I wonder if they swapped out “You may kiss the bride” for “Let the wild rumpus start!” How cute:


BLESS’ 3-D Sweater

Published August 5, 2009 by Graham


3-D cinema has existed for more than 80 years, cyclically dazzling before disappearing and then re-emerging to infiltrate successive generations. We’ve been in the midst of a serious surge in the past decade, cardboard glasses unexpectedly slipping back onto mainstream moviegoers’ enchanted faces with mixed results. Sure, a feast of aesthetic eye candy like Coraline or Up might benefit from the technology, but do slasher films and teen pop stars really need to enter the third dimension?

One thing is clear: 3-D needs to be on sweaters. Yes, there’s been a severe deficit of 3-D knitted goods and rad design duo BLESS is here to fill that gap with their chic 3-D ski sweater, the anaglyphic centerpiece of their Winter 09/10 collection. Check it out over at today and tomorrow.