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Year-End Love

Published December 31, 2009 by Graham


It’s that time of year when critics look back and decide which movies were their favorite of 2009– and we’re honored that so many people have included Where the Wild Things Are on their lists! To namecheck a few: Chicago Sun-Times critic and star of At the Movies Michael Phillips, NPR’s David Edelstein, Washington Post’s Ann Hornaday, Movieline’s Kyle Buchanan, and maverick New York Times critic Manohla Dargis all payed tribute to Max and his Maximonsters in their year-end rankings. A.O. Scott of the New York Times even went so far as to name Where the Wild Things Are the #1 movie of the year. Thanks, dude!

It’s awesome and humbling to see this film connect with kids of all ages– even kids who grew up to watch movies for a living. We love you all. Also, a belated congratulations to Karen O and Carter Burwell on their best original score Golden Globe nomination. What a great way to end the year. Thanks to everyone who reads this blog and loves this movie as much as we do. Have fun tonight and we’ll see you in 2010!

All Is Love/Grammy News!

Published December 9, 2009 by Spike

Just slid in under the turnstile.  See the email below for all the info.all

Hi everyone,
Hope you are all well. In an unexpected twist, one of the announced Grammy
candidates for Best Song written for a Soundtrack has been disqualified
after the fact (Miley Cyris in fact).

The nomination then goes to the song with the next-highest initial vote
count, which is Karen O and the Kids’ “All is Love”.

Great news all around- it will be included in all ballots going soon to
Grammy voters and we are working on a press release now.

Please let me know your thoughts and questions- still brand new info to us
but we are diving into it now.

Thank you and congrats!
Interscope Geffen A&M Records

Karen O in New York

Published October 15, 2009 by Molly

Picture 1

Karen O discusses the Wild Things soundtrack and butt-slapping in this Q&A with New York Magazine. Sample exchange:

Were you a wild child?

I guess everyone has their wild side, and mine was halfway between being really shy and kind of a goofy spazoid. I never bit anyone, like Max, but I slapped a lot of butts.


Breakfast at Sulimay’s Goes Wild for Karen O!

Published October 13, 2009 by Graham

Nowadays, music evolves at such a whirlwind pace that if you stop paying attention to the cultural narrative for just a few months, it’s easy to find yourself buried underneath a deluge of unfamiliar band names and strange, unexpected sounds. What must it feel like to be several decades out of the loop? Endlessly entertaining web series Breakfast at Sulimay’s answers that question and bridges the generation gap by asking three senior citizens listen to hip new music and provide cripplingly honest critiques.

Each of these three sages has a unique style: Joe is the erudite heavyweight of the bunch– a retired Shakespearean actor and an encyclopedia of a man, always ready with an obscure reference and a reasoned response. He’s counterbalanced by the sublimely sarcastic, acerbic Ann, whose sense of humor runs from her inability to ever hold anything back, and her wingman Bill, a more easygoing critic who nonetheless finds himself frequently alienated from the music they’re subjected to.

The show is ordinarily shot in a corner booth of Philadelphia diner Sulimay’s, but for this special 35th episode, the troupe of lovable geriatrics reviewed tracks in front of a live audience at the United Way, where they turned a critical eye to Karen O and the Kids. The special event was coordinated by Generation Appreciation Philadelphia, a non-profit with a mission to “inspire young professionals to make a connection with older adults in their personal and professional lives,” an admirable cause if I’ve ever heard one. Respect your elders, whippersnappers!

Also of note: Karen O and The Kids share the unique distinction with Willie Nelson of being the only two artists to ever garner a unanimously positive review in Breakfast at Sulimay’s history. Love for Where the Wild Things Are knows no demographics!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Storm Austin

Published October 6, 2009 by Graham


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs headlined the Austin City Limits festival on Friday night, and the New York Times had this to say, in a story entitled “Austin City Limits: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Deliver.”

…the Yeah Yeah Yeahs delivered a stupendous set, even stronger and more focused than the very good show they played in Brooklyn earlier this week. Karen O, the band’s front woman, approaches every stage as a frontier to be conquered, and here she was both impish and imperious. In the guitarist Nick Zinner and the drummer Brian Chase, she has something much more than support: their output, which came in surges, was often enveloping.

Sounds about right. Photos via flickr users danfun and aclfestival.



Filter Magazine – Where The Wild Things Are Issue

Published September 2, 2009 by Dallas


Hits news stands on the 11th. Our friends at Filter just passed along some pretty stellar advanced copies. Includes interviews with with Spike, Karen O, Max Records, Catherine Keener, Dave Eggers, Catherine O’Hara, Lance Bangs and some pretty great never-before-seen photos and art from the set and crew plus the above cover illustrated Geoff McFetridge. Nuts!

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s on Pitchfork TV

Published July 20, 2009 by Dallas


What happens when the chief Where The Wild Things Are score maker and her phenomenal bandmates “lose their minds in order to recover purity and truth”? You’ll have to check out Barnaby Clay’s YYY’s short “Snakesweat” up for one week only on Pitchfork TV to find out. Hint: it’s weird…

Christian Joy’s Handy Headdress for Karen O

Published July 16, 2009 by Graham


We posted a couple weeks ago about the incredible headdress Karen O. sported at the Glastonbury Festival, but it’s just too rad of an outfit to not express further appreciation towards, especially in light of the lovely detailed photographs that have popped up online since the performance. Christian Joy, Karen’s long-time clothing collaborator and personal wardrobe stylist (don’t you wish she was yours?), even shared some behind the scenes photos of the outfit being born in the atelier. Those moccasins! Nike, if you’re listening, can we get a limited edition pair of Karen O fringe moccasins for Christmas?


YYY’s on European Tour

Published June 29, 2009 by Spike




We are still finishing post in London. Got to see Karen (our gifted co-composer) today who as you can see from the cover of The Guardian, played Glastonbury last night with a spectacular Christian Joy created headdress. Here are their summer dates. If they are playing near you, I highly recommend catching the show. The new songs sound epic live.

Kentish Town Forum – Dead Weather

Published June 26, 2009 by Spike


Saw Dead Weather last night. Amazing live show and songs. The band is Jack White and Allison form The Kills. They are electric together. Wild Things musicians Jack Lawrence (Raconteurs and Greenhornes) and Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age) are in the band also. They worked with Karen on the soundtrack. Good men and great musicians. Karen put together the perfect batch of people to make the music. We will have to do something more on this band she assembled but here is the full list:

Dean Fertita
Nick Zinner
Bradford Cox
Imaad Wasif
Tom Biller
Jack Lawrence
Brian Chase
Greg Kurstin

They killed it. Thank you Wild Things all star players.