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A Short Stack Of Silly Shorts For The Morally Sidetracked

Published February 22, 2010 by Molly

Picture 3

It is never too late to embrace the silly aspects of the soul. Children’s books take care of this operation when we’re young, but then you grow up and there’s a serious shortage of humor in everyday life. New Yorker cartoons on the fridge? Dilbert shorts pasted to the cluttered office bulletin board? Please! What we need is a surplus of books like Meagan Hart’s A Short Stack Of Silly Shorts For The Morally Sidetracked in our personal libraries.

Hart’s book is a potpourri of cute typography and silly stories to put a smile on even the curmudgeonliest curmudgeon of us all.

Carrie Schneider

Published September 30, 2009 by Graham


Having a sense of humor is crucial to being an artist. Carrie Schneider appears unafraid of absurdity, flirting with comical undertones in her visually jarring creations– so she’s already a step ahead of so many self-serious peers. There’s always something off in her lovely photographs, an unexpected juxtaposition often provided by a strange sculptural element Schneider has dragged into the image, or an alarming pose. For instance, check out her portraits of artists in their studios… where they all seem to have unexpectedly passed out on their paint-splattered floors. Okay, weird! But fun!


Absurdly Endearing

Published June 10, 2009 by Graham

“The Graphically vivid, absurdly endearing figures of Mickey Mouse and Charlie Chaplin were the most direct influences on me as a young artist.” – Maurice Sendak