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Bindi Booth

Published May 13, 2010 by Molly

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Bindi Booth’s illustrations, prints, posters and textile designs have a palette of cherry-blossom pink, egg-cream white and French vanilla-yellow. They’re good enough to eat, in other words (though probably non-edible) and maintain a lusciously soft mood while still packing a punch on the printed page.

Booth also produces lovely hand-made and limited-edition folio books, which might be our new favorite collectibles. Check out the whole roster of projects here, and keep your eyes peeled for illustrations in places like Bust magazine.

Aska x Space 15 Twenty x Susan Cianciolo

Published December 11, 2009 by Graham


Space 15 Twenty has been killing it lately! The L.A. event/retail space that hosted our super fun Where the Wild Things Are photo exhibit and pop-up shop in September has since brought David Kramer’s mind-blowing video art show, Main Street, to glorious fruition, presented a free Girls concert last weekend, and are about to open a fantastical exhibition of DIY fashion designer Susan Cianciolo’s work, called Mountains and Flowers. On top of that, the opening of Mountains and Flowers this Saturday will also feature the debut solo performance of the ethereal Aska.


You loved her as the leader of Moonrats, David Scott Stone’s counterpart in AsDSSka, and an Aaron Rose co-conspirator in The Sads– and now you get to experience the pure, unfettered Aska. With a voice like a sunbeam melting a glacier, you’ll feel like an owl being cooed to sleep by its mother. Check out a cozy acoustic performance by Aska below, and don’t miss her first live show tomorrow at 4pm!

Sonny’s Haircuts

Published September 16, 2009 by Spike

My new favorite series of Sonny’s drawings. It’s of girls haircuts. I think it is really a self portrait because it shows the kind of girls he would have a crush on. Sonny, can I have these? I’ll trade you something?


Published July 1, 2009 by Dallas

San Francisco’s Girls are a sweet simple duo on the rise and headed in the right direction. Their debut album “ALBUM” is set to hit the world in September via Fantasytrashcan/Turnstile in the UK and True Panther Sounds in the US. Between now and then they are pretty much constantly on tour, so if you are lucky they will come to your town and sleep in a van in front of your house.

Max Hamilton’s Girl Skaters

Published May 22, 2009 by Graham


Globetrotting British photographer Max Hamilton shot a great little set of portraits called UK Girl Skaters. Skate Witches they’re not– these chicks mean serious business. The bad-ass in the cast is Jenna Selby, rad photographer in her own right and founder of Rogue Skateboards, one of the few skate companies that features an all-girl professional team. From Hamilton’s website:

Skateboarding has always been an activity for everyone, however we mostly ever only hear about male skaters. It was always a puzzle as to why you didn’t see more girls skating or hear about them. I wanted to show that girl skaters exist and that there is a vibrant scene going on that is developing constantly.