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Breakfast at Sulimay’s Goes Wild for Karen O!

Published October 13, 2009 by Graham

Nowadays, music evolves at such a whirlwind pace that if you stop paying attention to the cultural narrative for just a few months, it’s easy to find yourself buried underneath a deluge of unfamiliar band names and strange, unexpected sounds. What must it feel like to be several decades out of the loop? Endlessly entertaining web series Breakfast at Sulimay’s answers that question and bridges the generation gap by asking three senior citizens listen to hip new music and provide cripplingly honest critiques.

Each of these three sages has a unique style: Joe is the erudite heavyweight of the bunch– a retired Shakespearean actor and an encyclopedia of a man, always ready with an obscure reference and a reasoned response. He’s counterbalanced by the sublimely sarcastic, acerbic Ann, whose sense of humor runs from her inability to ever hold anything back, and her wingman Bill, a more easygoing critic who nonetheless finds himself frequently alienated from the music they’re subjected to.

The show is ordinarily shot in a corner booth of Philadelphia diner Sulimay’s, but for this special 35th episode, the troupe of lovable geriatrics reviewed tracks in front of a live audience at the United Way, where they turned a critical eye to Karen O and the Kids. The special event was coordinated by Generation Appreciation Philadelphia, a non-profit with a mission to “inspire young professionals to make a connection with older adults in their personal and professional lives,” an admirable cause if I’ve ever heard one. Respect your elders, whippersnappers!

Also of note: Karen O and The Kids share the unique distinction with Willie Nelson of being the only two artists to ever garner a unanimously positive review in Breakfast at Sulimay’s history. Love for Where the Wild Things Are knows no demographics!