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Everything is Terrible: The Movie

Published June 19, 2009 by Graham


There’s no doubt: Everything Is Terrible is the funniest and most depressing collection of found footage Cyberspace has ever seen. The group of video artists that contributes to the site keep it simple: each clip is a highlight reel of pure insanity usually culled from a single infomercial, self-improvement tape or edutainment special. Without straying too far from the source material, Everything is Terrible cuts through the filler to tastefully underscore the horror and hilarity of these all-but-forgotten bargain bin VHS marvels. While the dated, low-budget anonymity inherent in these clips makes it easy to feel distanced from the subjects of Everything Is Terrible’s playful scorn, the implicit message in all this admirable work seems to be: whenever it was made, no matter how professional it looks, just about anything can be awesomely awful– so learn to enjoy it!

The collective’s first feature-length DVD, Everything Is Terrible: The Movie, hits mailboxes tomorrow. To celebrate the release, the entire EIT gang is appearing in person tomorrow night for a special presentation at (where else?) The Silent Movie Theatre.

Beautiful Swimmers

Published May 1, 2009 by Graham

This clip for Beautiful Swimmers’ single “O Yea,” uses found footage from an 80s workout tape and then processes it through a seemingly simple ghosting effect that hearkens back to some of the earliest experiments in video art. In concept, it all seems pretty par for the course– and yet the end result is more than the sum of its parts. Thanks to some skillful editing by Aurora Halal and Ashiq Khondker, the video exudes a glittering and glitchy charm that matches the song perfectly.