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Anna Shelton

Published February 11, 2010 by Graham


It’s no easy feat to take an interesting photo of the unadorned American landscape. Ansel Adams kinda trademarked that shtick a long time ago. But Anna Shelton’s hushed paeans for the fertile Oregonian wild make magic in our eyes. These images are lonely, but not melodramatic. Reverent but not fawning.

Shelton, a musician with roots in Florida and Ohio, takes plenty of great photos that aren’t just trees and nature. Time-ravaged buildings, old cars, and blasé animals of all kinds play a big part in her visual language, but these quiet landscapes are perhaps her most breathtaking.



Hotel Fox

Published January 15, 2010 by Graham


In 2005, Copenhagen’s Hotel Fox invited a slew of designers from around the world to transform their 61 rooms into works of art. Artsy hotels abound in most metropolitan cities across the globe, but Hotel Fox remains one of the warmest creative spins on transitory living. Australian design collective Rinzen’s above-pictured room, “Sleep Seasons,” takes the cake. Who doesn’t want to hibernate in a big comfy tent, surrounded by adorable woodland forest creatures?


Kevin Hooyman

Published April 26, 2009 by Graham



Bred in the Pacific Northwest’s wooded wonderland and currently residing on a dilapidated farm in upstate New York, Kevin Hooyman has always felt strongly connected to the natural world. His paintings, illustrations and comics depict fantastic forests rich in psychedelic detail, anthropomorphic animals, and bearded shamans imparting deep wisdoms. Critiquing contemporary life from a perspective more transcendentalist than environmentalist, Hooyman’s images and stories use a detached sense of humor to break down everyday social interactions until they no longer seem to make sense or feel comfortable. Check out some pages from his latest book, Love to Live, on Arthur Magazine’s blog.