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I’m Here Debuts Today!

Published January 21, 2010 by Graham


Spike’s epic short film, I’m Here, makes its grand entrance tonight at Sundance. It’s a robot romance and a futuristic fable rooted in the universal emotions of first love, ruminating on youth, identity, autonomy and loss. What began as a small project in the wake of Where the Wild Things Are quickly blossomed into a 35-minute tale that provided Spike ample room to fully flesh out his melancholy heroes, a pair of robot lovers.

These clunky, sensitive machines feel as familiar as old friends by the end of the film, thanks in no small part to the same subtle special effects wizardry that brought the Wild Things’ facial features to life. Spike snapped the image above in the final screening to approve special effects shots before I’m Here’s worldwide premiere. If you’re in Utah today, don’t miss it!

The Gigantic Robot

Published January 4, 2010 by Molly



London-based illustrator and cartoonist Tom Gauld makes books that double as art objects—books that come in weird shapes with unusual covers and paper stock that you just want to rub your cheek against (go ahead, Gauld would be cool with that.)

His newest, The Gigantic Robot is a minimalist fable about human folly and the passage of time rendered in fifteen flawless images and just as many sentences. The book has the appearance of a children’s book but the resonance of something far darker and probably inaccessible to the most innocent minds. As Glen David Gold puts it, Gould’s “black humor makes Beckett look timid.”

Without spoiling the story, we’ll just say that the moral of The Gigantic Robot is chilling (in a good way) while the perfection of the artwork is something to admire with untrammeled wonder. The particular cocktail of light and dark that Gauld cooks up is something to behold, especially at the start of a brand new—and heretofore unmapped—decade.