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Ephemera Assemblyman

Published February 24, 2010 by Molly

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Ephemera Assemblyman is exactly what it sounds like and four times as cool. Curated by a twenty-six year old Californian named Joel, the website is a repository of well-chosen, odd and beautiful images images posted with tidbits of information designed to tease out their subtleties.

What sort of image, you ask? The kind of image that looks like it emerged from between the pages of a university library book that hasn’t been checked out in sixty years and stands gathering dust in the stacks. Or maybe the kind of image dug up in a box in the attic, or acquired on eBay or…who knows? That’s sort of the point. Joel excavates the images so that you don’t have to.

Among the best include illustrations from The Annotated Dracula, the collages of Wilfried “S├Ątty” Podriech, Slovenian film posters (above), theater posters, hypnotist posters, avant-garde stationary, and Russian Revolutionary periodicals. But honestly, you could spend hours tooling around the site. Be a pal and share it with your friends.