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The Aesthetics of Education

Published October 23, 2009 by Graham


We spend a great deal of our childhoods– our whole lives, even– within the confines of a schoolhouse. What effect, if any, does the concrete presence of our school rooms have upon us? Do our physical, literal surroundings help shape the person that we become? How do schools instill us with ideas about class and mold our personal values? Photographer Lissa Rivera’s study in the territories of academia, Places of Education, raises these questions without providing any easy answers. Gazing into these eerily still images of empty school buildings is like stumbling upon a polaroid of an old dream. Rivera’s images reaches through the blur of primary education and pull out sharply detailed representations of our collective forgotten past.

via Good Magazine.


The Texture of Cyberspace

Published June 5, 2009 by Graham


Meme Scenery is the sublime result of removing the humans (and cats) from wildly popular internet memes like Star Wars Kid, Afro Ninja, and David After Dentist. What remains are a series of uninhabited environments– documents of ordinary settings minus the characters and actions that rendered them extraordinary. These empty bedrooms, stores and local news environments form the palette of an era. This is the set design manual for 2000s-era period pieces and costume dramas.

via This Is A Race.