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Dream-In at The Hammer

Published April 14, 2010 by Graham


What a midnight delight! UCLA’s Hammer Museum is hosting a “Dream-In” on May 1st:

Dreamers are invited to camp out in the Hammer courtyard and collect any dreams that occur during their stay. The evening will feature experimental dreaming workshops, concerts, and bedtime stories, followed by a waking concert in the morning, all facilitated by a dreamy batch of local artist-psychonauts. The following day museum patrons may encounter dream reenactments, workshops, and napping music during their visit.

The event is in honor of seminal psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s Red Book, currently on exhibition at the Hammer. Tucked away from the world in the deep recess of the Jungian archives until 2009, the Red Book is a long sought-after personal journal illustrated and written by the famed doctor between 1914 and 1930, detailing imaginary encounters with biblical prophets and slithering serpents. Here are a couple of the luscious psychedelic illustrations from the book:


As Above So Below

Published April 6, 2010 by Molly



As Above So Below is a book by Will Sweeney recently published by Nieves. Sweeney describes the book as “a visual narrative based on a series of randomly selected photographs from my collection of National Geographic Magazine dating between 1940 and the present day.”

Its creation involved random number-generations, a Corsican pagan tomb, a street market in Hong Kong and more. The book’s title derives from medieval hermetic philosophy and relates, according to the author, to the alchemical relationship between microcosm (the body) and macrocosm (the universe).

Well, there’s nothing better than artfully-expressed mysticism and subconscious journeying! As Above So Below is that rare project with rewards that are visual, conceptual, and possibly even metaphysical.