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Where The Wild Things Ought To Be…

Published September 14, 2009 by Dallas

Here is a small sprinkling of some of the great entires we’ve gotten for the “Where The Wild Things Ought To Be” contest that we are running in conjunction with Crailtap.


Hall and Oates vs. Wild Things


Obama loves the wild rumpus


Wild Einstein


Homecoming king of the wild things


Max on Wire

For your chance to win a complete set of Wild Things decks, just send us a picture, gif, or video letting us know where you think the wild things ought to be. email hidden; JavaScript is required

“Where The Wild Things Ought To Be” CONTEST!

Published September 11, 2009 by Dallas


Want to win this complete series of Where The Wild Things Are decks? Thanks to Meza and the genius crew at Crailtap you can! Here’s how: Where The Wild Things Ought To Be – the basic idea is to send in images or GIFs or videos inserting Wild Things artwork, clips, etc into places that could use some “wilding-up.” For example:




Simple? Fun? You bet!

Email entries to email hidden; JavaScript is required. We’ll be posting our favorite ones along with Crailtap. Best entry wins the complete series of decks. Get to work!

Just got home to…

Published July 7, 2009 by Spike

…a box of Wild Things decks. They might be my favorite Girl series ever! Thank you Rick and Megan and Andy and the Girl family.