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Thank You

Published October 19, 2009 by Graham


Thank you for making Where the Wild Things Are the #1 movie in America! The fans of this movie are amazing, amazing people and none of this would have been possible without your support and devotion.

Here are a handful of rad pictures from your wild weekends! It all looks so fun! Let’s do it again next weekend, okay?


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Cool Kid: Arlo Weiner

Published October 14, 2009 by Graham


When I spotted Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market, I couldn’t help but notice that one of the four kids with him was randomly dressed in a tuxedo. “Maybe he just came from church,” a friend suggested, but then why would he be the only one dressed so dapper? The only plausible explanation was that this precocious boy was just constantly stylish, channeling the effortless suavity of Don Draper himself. My hopes were confirmed upon the discovery of GQ’s profile of eight-year-old Arlo Weiner, complete with Arlo’s satorial commentary on mixed patterns, ascots, turning bathrobe belts into neckties, and the juxtaposition of red against black. He’s got his old man’s eye for detail!


Please Vote For Me

Published August 31, 2009 by Graham


Capturing an intimate look at China’s first ever elementary school class election, Weijun Chen’s 2007 documentary Please Vote For Me is a surprisingly enthralling and emotional little film. Thankfully avoiding the easy route of superfluous historical exposition and grandiose politicizing, the film focuses not on the nation of China but on three very different children who have been thrust into an unfamiliar political framework.

While each candidate struggles for power, they exhibit familiar dark human impulses that are somehow rendered shocking in their tangibility. These are children old enough to think complex, sometimes manipulative thoughts, and yet too young to be covert about them. As a result, we’re treated to a brutally honest peek at the mechanics behind human relationships, and a portrait of childhood that’s at once adorable and disheartening.

If you have a Netflix account, Please Vote For Me is available to stream instantly for free.

The Reaction Shot

Published June 1, 2009 by Graham

Someone sent us a link to this video of 1-year-old Gram from the Sweet Juniper Blog watching the trailer. It was too damn adorable to resist sharing here– and we couldn’t help ourselves from editing it together with the trailer to see what’s making this kid so excited.

Tiny Masters of Today

Published May 18, 2009 by Graham


Here’s the deal: Tiny Masters of Today is the type of band you might want to write-off as a novelty act at first glance. That would be a mistake. Yes, they’re barely out of their tweens and they look like a Sonic Youth tribute group (Sonic Youth²), but this brother and sister digital DIY duo deserve to be taken seriously– in a rock duel, they’d blow away the majority of their thirty-something musical contemporaries, with talent and spunk to spare.

Ringing endorsements from the blogosphere, David Bowie and NME led to musical collaborations with Jack White, Kimya Dawson and Where The Whild Things Are songwriter Karen O, who co-directed the awesome zombie-themed video for “Hologram World.” The band is about to unleash their ridiculously fun sophomore album onto America, proving that reports of an entire generation’s cultural demise at the white-gloved hands of Radio Disney have been greatly exaggerated. Contradicting the focus-grouped somnolescent sounds of corporatized kid-pop, Tiny Masters of Today heralds scholarly musical exploration as much as the exuberant, grimy silliness of youth. Check out their new video, “Skeletons.”

Flickr Find: Homemade Max Costume

Published May 12, 2009 by Graham


Randomly came across this adorable lovingly hand-made Max costume on Flickr. Crafty creator Kitjule1010 says: “Max costume (Where the Wild Things Are) I made for my son b/c no costume company makes one. :)”