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Wolf Suit Winner!

Published June 16, 2010 by Graham


Wow! We were totally blown away by the sheer volume of awesome fans who commented with kind words on our ultimate prize package post– you guys are the best! Sadly, there can only be one winner. And that lucky lady is– chosen by a random number generator– commenter #472, Lauren! We will be in touch with you shortly.

DVD Contest Winners!

Published March 2, 2010 by Graham

Wow! Over the weekend we received e-mails from more than 350 We Love You So readers across the globe, from Colombia to Bosnia and small towns in Missouri. Your e-mails were so overwhelmingly filled with an outpouring of love for Where the Wild Things Are, Spike, and the blog that it was terribly hard to choose just three winners. We wish we could give copies of the DVD to each and every one of you! But since we can’t, here are the three lucky fans who we chose:

Paul D. of Philadelphia, PA wrote in to say he loved Lance Bangs’ documentary portrait of Family Bookstore in L.A.

While it is a little tough to know that so much land lies between that little hub of creative energy and my lonely mountain perch near the Philadelphia Museum of Art, it is encouraging to know that scenes like the one that has developed around Family and The Smell are happening contemporarily. It is easy to get discouraged about the present state of the creative movement when looking at the cliques and happening spots that one missed witnessing first hand by decades (punk rock’s first squalid notes, the abstract expressionists redefining New York, the Algonquin roundtable, the Bauhaus etc.)

However, fetishizing the past is easily kept in check when there are ample reminders that art and culture are kept alive / re-imagined in new and unexpected ways by individuals striking out on their own or in packs. The We Love You So blog has provided ample encouragement that beautiful things are always being made and that one only needs boot straps and elbow grease to step up into the ranks of those pushing culture forward.

We like your attitude, Paul! And apparently ardent reader Danny H. appreciates our attitude. He kindly complimented us on the overall “voice” of the blog:

…hands-down my favorite thing has been the way reading the blog has always seemed like an excited friend telling you about this great new _______ that they just discovered. You’ve never sounded like taste-makers or scenesters or critics….it’s just been one more person whose opinion I look forward to hearing. Thanks!

That made us feel warm and fuzzy inside, but what sealed the deal for Danny was this cute post-it doodle he sent our way:


Finally, 14-year-old Mia R. from Los Angeles told us that when she’s not writing Star Wars-inspired sonnets, she checks We Love You So on the computers in her school library:

I love everything about We Love You So, but some of my favorite things are the knit wolf suit sweater (once I finish knitting some cupcakes, I’m going to start this sweater), Coco Cake Boutique’s Wild Things cake (I started reading the Coco Cake blog after I saw that and all of the other adorable cupcakes- I also became obsessed with cupcakes then too), Pogo, and Happy Socks. But my favorite is probably all of the lovely forts people made!!!!

For everyone else, you can pick up a copy of the Where the Wild Things Are Blu-Ray or DVD online or in stores now!

Draw Your Own Wild Things With VICELAND

Published October 14, 2009 by Dallas


Our buddies at Vice Magazine (Which turns 15 this year btw – crazy!) are hosting an amazing WTWTA giveaway for anyone who thinks they can draw a wild thing or two. So many great renditions!

The Final Fort Submissions!

Published October 13, 2009 by Graham

We Love You So readers, we really love you so. You’ve created such flabbergastingly fantastic forts! We wish we could include all of your images and stories in this post. Because there are so many great entries, we’ve decided to give out additional prizes, which will be revealed– along with the winners– before long. Sadly, the time for submissions has come to an end. But don’t let that stop you from fort-building in the future! Forts forever!!

Your Amazing Forts!

Published October 12, 2009 by Graham

Wow, you guys really got busy this weekend! The fortresses you’ve been sending in for our contest are so stunning and rad that it’s going to be a real challenge to pick just one winner. The creativity and imagination– not to mention the time and effort– you’ve been putting into these forts is incredibly inspiring. Keep ‘em coming! The deadline is tonight at midnight.

Don’t forget to check out all the fantastic forts that have been sent in this weekend to Booooooom, our contest co-sponsor:
Wild Things’ Forts III
Wild Things’ Forts IV

Build a Fort and this Xbox Could Be Yours!

Published October 10, 2009 by Graham


Just to be clear, here’s what’s at stake in the Wild Things’ Forts contest: An extremely limited edition Xbox 360 sporting a lovely Where the Wild Things Are design, PLUS an awe-inspiring bus stop-sized poster! And all you have to do? Build a fort and take a photo of it. Make a video. Send us an illustration. Anything goes! You have all weekend, so put your thinking caps on and make something beautiful! Check out some amazingly rad entries over at Booooooom and stay tuned to We Love You So for more inspiring submissions!

Send us your entries at email hidden; JavaScript is required!


More Sweet Forts!

Published October 9, 2009 by Graham

Things are heating up in the Wild Things’ Forts contest! Send us your entry in either photo, illustration, or video form– whatever you think will best display your fortitude (sorry). If you need motivation, just picture the custom XBOX you will be able to play all day, deep inside your fortress.

Check out these rad examples!!



Make a Fort! Win an Xbox!

Published October 7, 2009 by Dallas


The Wild Things Forts Contest


The Wild Things’ Forts Contest!

Published October 5, 2009 by Graham


Remember what it felt like to build a fort? To hide away in a maze of chairs and pillows and blankets? Remember perching on couches and bunkbeds, overlooking an imaginary empire? It felt amazing to strip those objects of their benign, practical purposes. We were contradicting the domestic order of mom and dad to create something wild and mysterious– a place all our own, with moats and towers, jungles and vines, robots and dinosaurs. This guy knows what I’m talking about:


Let’s recapture the magic. We Love You So and our good friends over at . Use any materials you can get your hands on, because the only limits are inside your own imagination.

The winner will receive a special edition Xbox 360 decked out Where the Wild Things Are style– plus a magnificent bus shelter-sized Where the Wild Things Are poster not available in stores! More details on the prizes to come– but the competition will be fierce, so get your entires in quick! The deadline for submissions is Monday, October 12th. Let the wild rumpus start!

Here are a couple rad examples to get your creative juices flowing: ethereal fortresses from lovely Swedish artist Ida Lehtonen, and the enormous yet cozy fort at Space 1520’s WTWTA pop-up shop.


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Where The Wild Things Ought To Be Contest – One Last Batch

Published September 28, 2009 by Dallas

Crailtap will be announcing the contest winners sometime today or tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who entered, there were so many we couldn’t even showcase them all.