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WLYS Exclusive Interview with Miguel Arteta

Published January 11, 2010 by Graham


Callous and/or deluded authority figures, insipid peers and a beguiling first love named Sheeni swirl about the bizarre world of Nick Twisp, an awkward yet determined teen terror sharply rendered by Michael Cera in Miguel Arteta’s hilarious new film, Youth in Revolt. Arteta carved out a name out for himself with his audacious low-budget debut Star Maps, before directing some of the decade’s best episodes of television on Freaks and Geeks and Six Feet Under. He also helmed two great films written by Mike White: The Good Girl, and the mind-blowing cult classic Chuck & Buck, one of the most extraordinarily awkward romances of all time.

Whether he’s telling the story of a Hollywood hustler, a frustrated midwestern woman or a pair of star-crossed teen lovers, the consistent throughline in Arteta’s body of work has always been the stellar performances he conjures from his actors. Youth in Revolt is no exception: it’s jam packed with brilliant performances—even in minor roles played to perfection by Steve Buscemi, Mary Kay Place, Zach Galifanakis and many more.

Arteta took time out on Youth In Revolt’s opening weekend to talk with We Love You So about making Michael Cera movies, animating the internal world of C.D. Payne’s beloved source material, and why acting should be like jumping into a swimming pool, chest first.

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