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Recreation for Geniuses

Published November 24, 2009 by Molly

Picture 3

Really, it’s no surprise that the 1800s produced people like Rimbaud, Tesla, Freud and Darwin. When those guys were kids, they weren’t messing around with portable gaming consoles or mini-robots or NERF guns designed to look like semi-automatics.

Nope. They were doing stuff with balls, hoops and sticks that we probably can’t even imagine. When you consider the creativity and determination it takes to entertain oneself with a stick for, say, fifteen, years, it suddenly becomes easy to see how things like experimenting and making discoveries would be child’s play as an adult.

Not saying we can recapture the magic of boredom in these fast-paced modern days, but it’s worth a try. Start with a sock monkey and work your way up to a spinning top. If that works out, considering graduating to a balsa plane or (whoa) some Lincoln Logs.