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Treasure Maps

Published March 25, 2010 by Molly



Could this be more straightforward or more amazing? (That’s a rhetorical question.) Theme Park Maps is exactly what it sounds like: an online archive of theme park maps ranging from 1931 to 2009. You’ve got your Busch Gardens, your Disneyland, your Splash Lagoon, your Dollywood, Fantasy Land, Magic Harbor and Shipwreck Island. Also Floridaland, Lakeside, Libertyland and something called Kentucky Kingdom.

If you have any interest in treasure maps or the graphic appeal therein, you’ll want to spend some QT with this archive!

The Art and Times of Katherine Roy

Published March 2, 2010 by Molly

Picture 3

Picture 7

The only thing better than enthusiasm is enthusaiasm + talent. Katherine Roy is an exemplar of both— a cartooning machine whose Caterpillar Tales celebrates the adventures and struggles of its namesake hero. Roy is a natural storyteller (she released her first childrens’, A Kid’s Guide to Boston’s Freedom Trail last year) and a zippy cartoonist. She also maintains a nice little blog cataloging her art experiments and assorted daily thoughts. Just delightful.

Jules Feiffer’s Munro

Published August 28, 2009 by Graham


Jules Feiffer has had an impressively diverse career. He’s a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, playwright, and children’s book artist. He’s a screenwriter who’s penned films for brilliant filmmakers Robert Altman, Mike Nichols, and Alain Resnais. He apprenticed under legendary comic book artist Will Eisner. And he illustrated a young adult novel that you just might have heard of– The Phantom Tollbooth. I could go on, but, you know– that’s what Wikipedia is for. Bottom Line: Jules Feiffer is the bomb.

So what do you get when someone as rad as Feiffer collaborates with the cartoon wizard responsible for those awesome animated adaptations of Where the Wild Things Are and In The Night Kitchen? You get Gene Deitch’s Munro, an Oscar-winning 1960 cartoon based on a sharply satirical tale from Feiffer’s collection Passionella and Other Stories:

Bonus: A fascinating interview with Feiffer at The Onion A.V. Club.

Cartoonist and Zine-Maker Lili Todd

Published August 7, 2009 by Graham


Lili Todd is a rad cartoonist. She also happens to be eight years old. With help from her dad, illustrator Mark Todd, Lili has been releasing her own mini-comics for several years, demonstrating a keen knack for designing cute characters and a clever understanding of print layout flaunted in works like Robot Dressup and Change My Face, an interactive exquisite corpse-esque zine. While Lili’s not exactly an artistic wunderkind, you can tell that she cares about her creations and loves sharing them with others. The sheer enterprise of a girl who made personal appearances at both APE and Comic Con is admirable enough, without the added benefit of her comics’ irresistibly endearing Sanrio-esque charm.

One of her latest works, Polley Makes Snowcones: Book #2 seems almost allegorically autobiographical in its ruminations on work and play. The story begins with an optimistic bear waking up and exclaiming, “It’s snow-cones day! Yippy!” before frantically setting up a booth to share her frozen treats with a long line of animal friends. In the middle of her hectic day, Polley notes, “This is work,” but never gives up. At the end of the comic, Polley awakens to announce once again, “It’s snow-cones day!” She’s accepted both the joy and the strain of work and forges onward, extending what we first assume to be a day-long flight of fancy into a lifetime project.