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Published November 10, 2009 by Graham


In 2009, what makes a music magazine worth buying? The plethora of quality cyber sources dedicated to discovering just-breaking bands (and instantly downloading their music) have claim jumped the traditional music press’ function as vanguards of the cutting edge. Buying a mainstream music mag for their big interviews seems futile, because they all get transcribed online anyway. So what’s left?

Yeti magazine. Forgoing the faulty forced eclecticism of too many crowd-pleasing glossies, Yeti is lovingly curated by Seattle-based editor Mike McGonigal, whose impeccable taste serves as the living soul for this unique publication. Featuring a collection of unhurried, engrossing writings on obscure music, interviews with comic book artists, short stories, and stunning outsider art, Yeti is a handsome black and white book-sized zine that also boasts a highly listenable mix CD in every issue.

Musicians featured include everyone from Will Oldham to Abner Jay, Terry Riley to Vivian Girls and Tara Jane O’Neil. Jeff Magnum has published his illustrations as well as exclusive Neutral Milk Hotel rarities in Yeti. Carson Ellis, Brian Chippendale and Mingering Mike are just a few of the rad visual artists who have contributed illustrations, and their first issue, way back in the early 00’s, featured the official debut of indie folk stalwarts Iron & Wine. The eighth and latest issue of Yeti hits mailboxes on November 23rd, with a CD containing 80 minutes of rare music from rad artists like Ty Segall, Zola Jesus and Vaselines, along with 200 pages of excellent writing.

Carson Ellis x Her 3 Year Old

Published September 15, 2009 by Graham



Doleful romance, antiquated daydreams and rococo beasts characterize the lovely work of illustrator Carson Ellis, The Decemberists’ resident artist and wife of frontman Colin Meloy. A flair for the fantastic must run in the family: the above sketches are awesome collaborations with her three-year-old son Hank, drawn while they traveled on tour with the band this summer. “Hank dictates and I illustrate,” writes Ellis on her blog, noting that their shared travel journal seems to focus on everything but travelling.