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Avi Davis in The Believer

Published October 15, 2009 by Molly

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Armchair travel! There’s nothing better. New York-based writer Avi Davis has a glorious piece in this month’s issue of The Believer describing his time in Sighişoara, a dime-sized Romanian town known for its medieval architecture and vampire lore.

In Sighişoara Davis eats tripe soup, meets a contentious local in a Cannibal Corpse t-shirt, discusses the origins of Dracula and tries to untangle the curious place of vampire mythology in Romanian history. Like most articles you’ll find in The Believer, the piece is detailed, well-argued and generally gripping. Sneak a peak online or, better yet, pick up the real-life magazine for its interview with Agnès Varda, Top Ten by Greil Marcus and a s study of the ideal Cuban cigar experience. Vámanos amigos.