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Andrea Kalfas

Published May 24, 2010 by Molly

Picture 4

Picture 5

The lovely Andrea Kalfas lives and works in Baltimore and spends her hours drawing up a storm of illustrations, among them visual treats for children and serial treats for adults (see above). We love her giddy use of color and sense of restrained whimsy—nothin’ cutesy here, folks! Just pure and skillful loveliness.

To top it off, Kalfas maintains an adorable blog detailing her process and providing slices of the illustratin’ life, including a recent project that involved drawing Tarzan and jungle scenes. Jungle scenes! Gotta love ‘em.


Published February 1, 2010 by Spike


A new delicious cookie blog from our friends at Band of Outsiders. Megan’s cookies got great a review. If we can use this to convince her to to leave The Ringer to open a Girl Skateboard bakery, then all we be perfect.

Growing Up

Published April 27, 2009 by Graham



Growing Up is a photo blog showcasing the work of two brilliant young photographers: Patrick Tsai and Coley Brown. After meeting in Tokyo and spending two months taking pictures of the city together, they decided to continue their creative alliance in blog form, despite Brown’s return to the U.S. Both artists excel at capturing startlingly candid shots of strangers and friends alike, freezing ephemeral emotions at the height of their intensity. Tsai and Brown’s work weaves together seamlessly, highlighting uncanny tragicomic truths beneath quotidian street scenes with the deft skill (and voyeuristic delight) of wildlife documentarians.