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Vanessa Davis

Published March 30, 2010 by Molly

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Anyone with an ideologically confusing adolescence won’t want to miss Vanessa Davis’“Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon”, a coming-of-age bat mitzvah tale rendered in comics (sample line: “My party didn’t have a theme, but we did have kind of a mean-spirited caricaturist.”)

Vanessa inked, colored and captioned a comics column for Tablet magazine for a little over a year, gathering a loyal base of fans along the way. In an interview with Jim Linderman she discusses that column as well as Archie comics, the influences of female cartoonists on her work, and her desires to decorate pots, design wallpaper, and more!

Keep yourself updated on Vanessa’s adventures and work here. We can’t wait to see where she’ll go next.