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Published December 15, 2009 by Molly

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If the words “gigantic” and “comic” and “anthology” make you tingle with delight when combined in one sentence, get ready to tingle hugetime. Gutter is an anthology of comics and drawings edited by Victor Kerlow and produced by Tiny Vices, featuring 100 pages of full-color work by a bundle of artists all equally worthy of each other’s company.

Among the many scribblers included are Eamon Espey, Genevieve Simms, Gavin McInnes, our old favorite Travis Millard, Joana Avillez, Frank the Addict, Ben Jones, Andrew Gonzales and a zillion others. At seventy bones, the book is no drop in the bucket, but it’s worth putting on the Christmas list just in case you get lucky.

Mike Paré

Published December 4, 2009 by Molly


The appeal of zines, mini-monographs and small books is hard to explain. There’s something about the intimacy and concreteness of a handheld object that can’t be replicated by art that hangs on the wall or books that roll off the presses in editions of ten thousand. Anyone who’s traded zines through the mail or gotten his fingers fuzzy with cut-n-paste grime knows the feeling.

A worthy addition to the medium comes in the form of Mike Paré’s Thought Forms, a limited-edition book released by San Francisco-based independent publisher Seems. Combining geometric abstraction with graphite drawings and portraits, the small book combines elements of the exquisite and the special with, well, the affordable. Described as “explorations of youthful transcendence and bliss through music, meditation, gurus, be-ins and skateboarding,” the book is certainly something to treasure.