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The Ultimate We Love You So Giveaway!

Published June 11, 2010 by admin

Hey, want a one of a kind, adult-sized wolf suit for free? Now’s your chance! Before we depart the land of the wild things, each of us at We Love You So would like to express our gratitude to the loyal fans of this blog and Where the Wild Things Are with our biggest giveaway ever. This is what we’re including in the prize pot:

Spike is giving away a grown-up sized wolf suit! Made during the shoot in Australia, only five of these suits exist. They’re just like Max’s wolf suits from the movie– made with all of the original materials– but they aren’t “distressed” or dirty like Max’s were. Dallas is giving away a signed copy of An Awesome Book, a children’s book so rad it’ll feel at home next to Sendak on your bookshelf. Molly is including a copy of her brilliant and bittersweet chapbook, Troubleshooting. Graham is donating a rare Albert Reyes print from his gallery, Mastodon Mesa. Last but not least, Rubin is contributing Saintseneca’s cassette tape and 7″ from his record label, Paper Brigade.

Just comment on this post to qualify! The contest ends Monday night and a winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday morning. Please re-blog/tweet/and share with your friends!

UPDATE: The prize pot has grown! Shawn Records, amazing photographer and father of Max, has volunteered a signed 11×14″ print of his wolf suit photo, as seen above! It keeps getting better!

An Awesome World

Published September 18, 2009 by Spike

Last year, Dallas who runs this blog here, gave me a book he was going to print, “An Awesome Book” He wanted to make a book to spread his optimisim and enthusiam for the world in the form of a picture book. I loved it.

The book is about having dreams. When it came time to find an illustrator, he couldn’t find one, so he drew it himself. And when it came time to find a publisher, he couldn’t find one, so he published it himself. And this is what his book is all about. The book has now sold thousands of copies all over the world and he is starting a foundation, “The Awesome World Foundation.” Watch the video as he tells the whole story. What a beautiful thing you made Dallas.