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It’s Nice That #3

Published April 8, 2010 by Molly



Ahoy! Looks like the new issue of our favorite art journal is out. It’s Nice That Issue #3 is 128 pages of brainy, eye-popping fun. Numero tres includes interviews with photographer Dan Tobin Smith, a feature called “Graphics vs. Poetry” by WLYS fave Geoff McFetridge, work by Adam Voorhes and Taizo Yamamoto (among others), and an interview with the esteemed graphic designer Milton Glaser (AWESOME.)

As eternal students of the creative process, we’re equally charmed by the Flickr set documenting each step of Issue #3’s production.

Three cheers to Will Hudson, Alex Bec, Florencia Soto and the rest of the team for their impressive contribution to bookshelves everywhere. Y’all should get your orders in swiftly!

Art Vandelay

Published February 9, 2010 by Molly



How can you not suppress a chuckle when faced with Art Vandelay, a multipurpose art showcase named after George Costanza’s alter-ego on Seinfeld? Giggles aside, the cleverly-named project offers a mine of fresh talent that’s worth trolling through.

Along with monographs, artist’s books and magazines, Art Vandelay offers a series of well-selected (and reasonably priced) prints by Anna Giertz, Anthony Burrill, Colin Henderson, Alex Bec and more. If you’re looking to fill some blank walls or decorate a clubhouse, this is your spot.

It’s Nice That #2

Published October 5, 2009 by Molly

Picture 3

Of all the things that the web can communicate––immediacy, simultaneity, community––one thing it’s not so good at is displaying art. Art tends to look bad on the web; or if it doesn’t look bad, it looks shrunken and diminished. This is a side effect of the medium. There’s nothing to be done about it––not yet, at least.

Which is why we badly need publications like It’s Nice That, the London-based journal of art, design, writing and most anything that fits the parameters of being creative, innovative and unabashedly fascinating. After the sold-out success of their debut issue, the outfit has released its second issue packed with introductions to undiscovered stars, brilliantly reproduced samples of their work, solid interviews and inspiring discourses on matchbox labels, rulers, and buried treasure, among other things.

The look of the journal is a combination of pure luxury and utter respect to the work within. What a relief, after the intangibility of the web, to hold a substantial printed object in one’s own hands!